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February 1st, 2009
Blog Participation Winner: January

Congratulations to Cheryl McInnes who wins a print copy of Romancing the Alien for visiting my blog during the month of January.

Visit my blog during February, comment on a post, and go into a draw to win a print book from my prize box. The more times you comment during the month, the better your chances of winning a prize. Good luck. See you around the blog. :grin:

6 comments to “Blog Participation Winner: January”

  1. Very informative blog. What’s your thoughts on newsletters, Shel?

  2. Thanks, Sandra. I have quite a few thoughts about newsletters – enough for a post on another day. I’ll make it soon and let you know when it’s posted. :grin:

  3. Congrats, Cheryl! I’ve got that on my TBR–it sounds like a hoot :) Thanks, Shelley!

  4. Fedora – thanks! I hope you enjoy it. I have a soft spot for Killer. :grin:

  5. Hi Shelly

    This is my first time visiting your blog ~ I’m enjoying reading all of your posts.

    Congrats to Cheryl

  6. Thanks for visiting Christy. I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts.