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February 12, 2009

An Eye for An Eye

Thursday Thirteen

I had a couple of topics ready to do a TT, but I’m feeling grumpy and a bit bloodthirsty today so I decided to do my TT on REVENGE.

1. Some philosophers would give a sex to revenge, and appropriate it almost exclusively to the female mind. But, like most other vices, it is of both genders; yet, because wounded vanity and slighted love are the two most powerful excitements to revenge, it has been thought, perhaps, to rage with more violence in the female heart. ~ Charles Caleb Colton

2. An eye for an eye would make the whole world blind. ~ Ghandi.

3. Revenge is a bitch. ~ Anonymous

4. Live well. It is the greatest revenge. ~ The Talmud

5. Revenge converts a little right into a great wrong. ~ German Proverb

6. Well, remember what you said, because in a day or two, I’ll have a witty and blistering retort! You’ll be devastated THEN! ~ Calvin & Hobbes

7. You cannot get ahead while you are getting even. ~ Dick Armey

8. Revenge is often like biting a dog because the dog bit you. ~ Austin O’Malley

9. Don’t get mad, get even. ~ Robert F Kennedy

10. Something of vengeance I had tasted for the first time; as aromatic wine it seemed, on swallowing, warm and racy: its after-flavor, metallic and corroding, gave me a sensation as if I had been poisoned. ~ Charlotte Bronte

11. That old law about “an eye for an eye” leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing. ~ Martin Luther King Jnr.

12. Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. ~ Confucius

13. Revenge… is like a rolling stone, which, when a man hath forced up a hill, will return upon him with a greater violence, and break those bones whose sinews gave it motion. ~ Albert Schweitzer

I’m sure like most people, you’ve thought about revenge and maybe carried it out. It’s human. I mean I kill people off in books all the time… Just sayin’…
What do you think about revenge? Good, bad or ugly?


  1. Sandra Cox

    I love Ghandi’s

  2. Adelle Laudan

    Revenge takes way too much energy. I’ll stick with number four. LOL
    Happy Valentine Day!

  3. Ms Menozzi

    Wow – excellent!

    I’m saving these for use, later on.

    Great list!
    Happy TT!

  4. Alice Audrey

    Confucius forgot about the innocent bystanders. Better dig a whole hill full of graves.

  5. Stephanie Adkins

    Ohhh I love these. :) Especially #2. So true. Happy Thursday! *HUGS*

  6. Susan Helene Gottfried

    The first quote is sad because it reminds me of how catty we women can be toward each other. And for what?

    Well, I hope you feel better for this list. And that it’s not some arsonist you’ve got in mind — he’ll get his. Have no worries.

  7. Jennifer McKenzie

    I try and live by the “Living well is the best revenge” adage, but I’ve been known to kill people in my books too.

  8. Heather

    Good, bad, or ugly? I think it depends on the slight and the revenge extracted. Sometimes giving people a bit of their own back can be healthy–NOT that i would ever do something like that. *Evil grin* Great quotes, Shelley!

  9. Amy W.

    Hmmm, I’d have to say number 2 is my favorite. It makes people feel guilty and then enact their own revenge upon themselves. Mwahahahahahaha! Sorry did my evil laugh slip out? Won’t happen again… I promise.

  10. mel

    Nice. I love quotes. Love the second the best.

  11. Amy Ruttan

    I live happy and good and slaughter them in fiction and in my mind. Muwahahaha :mad:

  12. Nicola O.

    Revenge can be good but karma is better. :wink:

  13. R.J. Lebeau

    I’m with Nicola. Karma has a way of making things right in the world that I can’t.

  14. Paz

    Very cool post.

    Revenge: Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes it isn’t. Depends on the way it’s handled.


  15. Suzanne

    I use to believe in helping Karma along it’s path with a little magic now and again.
    Mind you, I have not done it for some years, as I couldn’t be bothered. So I leave it to Karma.
    Revenge is not worth the trouble, the stress, or time or the spells that just go a little too far. :)

    Suzanne :)

  16. Colleen Love

    Number 4 is my favorite one! Best revenge ever!! hehe :grin:

    Great TT!

  17. Janice~

    Revenge to me is being successful, and then let those suckers sulk.

    Happy TT, and happy V-day.