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March 25, 2009

Video Blogging with Catherine Bybee

My special guest today is author, Catherine Bybee. For a few months now, Catherine has been posting videos on her blog about various writing related subjects. I thought video blogging was a great idea and asked Catherine if she’d be willing to do a special blog for me about the video blogging process. Catherine is a star and produced the following video for me. She’s also visiting today and is willing to answer any of your questions. Over to Catherine…

About Catherine Bybee ~~ Her first erotic short story, Kilt Worthy, will come out sometime later this year for the Scarlet line at The Wild Rose Press. Her full length mainstream time travel romance, Binding Vows, is due out December 4th 2009. This will be available in both e-book and print. Her werewolf novella, Soul Mate is due out in fall of 2009 with Red Rose Publishing.

You can find Catherine on the web here, and see her other video blogs on her blogspot here.

Do you have any questions about video blogging?

I’m guest blogging at Maria Zannini’s blog today. I’m talking about dogs and writing. Here’s the link. I’d love to see you there.


  1. Kaye Manro

    Very good, Catherine! As usual, I love what you’ve done. And it is easier than it looks you say. You have such a great on air personality for this. You could easily have a cool spot on the six news!

  2. Catherine Bybee

    Ohhh Kaye… I’ll wait by the phone for the news to call me for that spot. LOL

    It really isn’t that difficult.

  3. Emma Lai

    Great post, Catherine! Congrats on all the 2009 release dates.

  4. Lauri Robinson

    You are one talented lady!

    I love you video blog idea! Thanks for sharing! And congrats again on all your success!


  5. Catherine Bybee

    Emma: Thanks for stoppin’ by.

    Lauri: *pushing hair over my shoulder* “yes, well… someone has to do it.” grin
    Thanks for waving, Lauri

  6. Carol North

    This was the best, by far, blog posting I’ve ever seen (read).

  7. Catherine Bybee

    Wow, Carol… thats one hell of a compliment – or is it complement – plament… oh, forget it… thanks for the kudos… lol :mrgreen:

  8. Mona Risk

    Great blog, Catherine. It comes at the right time for me as I am working on creating a trailer for my book To Love A Hero.

  9. Rachel E. Moniz

    Great stuff and very informative. Happy to stop by today and see this. Can’t wait for all of your releases in 2009!

  10. Mary Ricksen

    Catherine you are adorable and do a fantastic video blog. Maybe you should try to be a tv reporter?
    It looks like you are having fun with it too.
    Good way to blog. If you can talk and are not shy it’s great. :grin:

  11. Shelley Munro

    Catherine – thanks so much for being my guest today. I got to the bit about bad hair days and started to laugh. I have a permanent bad hair day. Quite often I forget to comb my hair because my husband prods me awake to go for a walk every morning, and I wake up slowly!

    What would be your best advice for someone who wanted to start doing a video blog? Your best hint?

  12. Catherine Bybee

    Mona: I can’t praise Adobe enough. Easy to use and so many extras it makes the process fun. Time consuming but fun. Best of luck on that trailer, Mona. Mine is up on my blog if you wanna take a look.

    Rachel: I can’t wait either, m’dear. And lucky you… your release is tomorrow. I look forward to having you on my blog manana…

    Mary: LOL… I was a guest – forever ago- on a local talk show. I was yacking about teaching aerobics. God, back when I was fit and thin…ugh… But that is as close as I’ve come to reporting. Thanks anyway…

  13. Catherine Bybee

    Shelley: You’re welcome this has been awesome. Gee… my best hint.

    I think it’s just like writing.. Just do one. Finish one and sit back and ask yourself if you’d be interested in watching it. Oh, and be yourself. Don’t “ACT”…

    Make it visually interesting with flying graphics and such. When people laugh they come back. Like your Paranormal Penis Blog… that was a hoot!

  14. Helen Hardt

    Catherine, as usual, I loved the video blog! You make it sound so easy. I’m still not sure I could ever do it. But you’re sure good at it — thanks so much for sharing!

    A paranormal penis blog, Shelley? How did I miss that? LOL. Actually, I think Kaye talked about it one day, if I remember correctly…


  15. Nina Pierce

    Catherine, I loooove your video blogs! (And congrats on the new contracts.) I have a video camera, microsoft movie maker and youtube … now I have to figure out how to put them together!

  16. Catherine Bybee

    Helen: It really isn’t difficult. Just try! And if you haven’t read the paranormal penis blog… look it up.. funny – funny!

    Nina: Oh, thanks and thanks again… You have the tools. Just start by taping yourself and getting that data onto movie maker… The rest is easy. Best of luck and tell me when you post it so I can check it out!

  17. Shelley Munro

    Catherine – I have a dumb question. I have a webcam on my laptop and I have windows movie maker. But how do I do the sound part of the equation? I presume I import the audio track like I did when I’m making a movie or am I being dumb and missing something totally obvious?

  18. Catherine Bybee

    When you turn on your computer’s web-cam there should be a way to record your image… I have Quick Play in my laptop… You may have a different internal software that opens up the camera and records. It should record both audio and visual. Look around. And there are no dumb questions, Shelley.

  19. Shelley Munro

    Okay, I’ll do that. I have recorded a picture but I didn’t think about talking as well. I think it was the shock of how my hair looked. :mrgreen:

    I’ll explore further and see how I get on.

  20. Catherine Bybee

    :wink: Remember… only on GOOD hair days… LOL

  21. Christina Phillips

    I love watching your video blogs, Catherine! You always make me laugh :grin:

    And congrats on all your success – busy year ahead!!!

  22. N.J. Walters

    I admire anyone who can video blog! Very informative, Catherine.

  23. Kim Smith

    awesome job Chatty Cathy :)

  24. Catherine Bybee

    Thank you, Christina ~ N.J. and Kim for stopping by