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March 24, 2009

Body Parts

I’ve been researching body language recently. It’s a fascinating subject, and I’ve learned all sorts of interesting things.

The Definitive Book of Body Language by Barbara Pease has a section on the things men and women first notice about prospective partners.

Butt, Breasts or Legs?

When it comes to men and favorite body parts, they normally fit into three categories—breasts, butts or legs. This is all tied up with reproduction, believe it or not.

1. Butts – men find rounded, peach-shaped buttocks the most attractive. Female primates display their buttocks when they’re ready to mate. It shows they are receptive and available. Human females display their buttocks all the time, and this gives the males the impression she’s available. Women also store fat in their buttocks for breastfeeding and as an emergency food storage in lean times.

2. Breasts—they serve as a sexual signal. Men are attracted to cleavage.

3. Legs—long legs are a non-verbal signal telling a male a woman is sexually mature and capable of childbearing. Men like high-heels because it gives the illusion of fertile looking legs.

Chest, Legs or Butt?

Masculine body parts trigger a women’s sexual response as well.

1. Chest—a wide chest tapering to narrow hips allows a man to lug heavy weapons over long distances and to carry home their kills. (always handy, I think!)

2. Small, tight butt—a tight, muscular butt is necessary to make a strong forward thrust that’s needed for sperm transfer during sex. A man with a flabby butt has problems with this and tends to through his entire body into the thrust. Not comfortable for his partner.

3. Hips and muscular legs—symbols of masculine power and endurance. Long, muscular legs allow a man to run swiftly, chase and hunt.

Interesting stuff, huh? I tend to check out a man’s butt—don’t tell hubby. I had no idea I was thinking about forward thrusting at all. Really! No idea at all…

If you’re looking at a person of the opposite sex, which body part do you check out first?


  1. Voronda

    I love muscular arms along with a nice chest!

  2. Amy Ruttan

    Well if there is a famine I guess I’ll survive with my big bubble butt.

    It’s my DH’s favorite body part of mine. It’s my least favorite, but my DH likes my booty as it were.

    When I first saw my DH I looked at his butt and his nice wide chest and narrow hips. I don’t like a guy with a big butt and hips. Guess I was thinking about forward thrusting.

  3. Christina Phillips

    LOL. I’m another one who appreciates a nice tight butt.Never crossed my mind it was all about the forward thrust!!!

  4. Roberta Harwell

    This all too funny. I check out a man’s butt first. Didn’t know I was thinking about thrusting though.

    Have great day.

  5. Catherine Bybee

    Tight butt’s are very nice… but nice thick arms make it easier for him to hold me.

    My hubby thanks my Mom for my chest every time he sees her. LOL.

  6. Kaye Manro

    This is a wonderful unique post, Shelley! It has that touch of humor you can do so well, while still giving lots of information. The forward thrusting butt– now there a good one– I didn’t know we like butts because of that either.

    Hmm, interesting to use this for romance heroes. Heroines too… though we probably unconsciously do that!

  7. Karen Erickson

    I like shoulders and arms. And I never think of forward thrusting when it comes to butts, LOL. Really I don’t. :wink:

    You find out the most interesting stuff…

  8. Gabriele

    Hands. Definitely hands for me – slender ones and not too big. (Gabladon’s Jamie is not sexy in my book, though he’s an interesting character to read about).

    Else I mostly have an anti-list. Bald (I know that one is terribly unjust), beer belly, sloppy t-shirts with slogans :smile: a too loud voice …

  9. Shelley Munro

    Quite a few of you like muscular arms, which is interesting. I don’t think arms were mentioned, although I have to agree with you. There’s nothing better than being held tight and the feeling of safety and reassurance.

    Amy – that was exactly what I thought about my butt when I read this info. I’m all prepared for a famine.

    Christina – I started laughing when I read it. I swear, I never considered forward thrust for a moment!

    Roberta – I suspect a few of us are thinking what???? It means that??? LOL

  10. Shelley Munro

    Catherine – LOL – that must make for a fun conversation.

    Kaye – thank you. I’ll admit my mind was busy firing with ideas while reading this book. I don’t have time for ideas at the moment either. :lol:

  11. Shelley Munro

    Karen – LOL – Well, that was my story. Hubby and I had a fun conversation last night when he arrived home, that’s for sure!

    Gabriele – that’s interesting. What is it about hands that fascinate you? Um…maybe you should take cover because Jamie’s fans are gonna come looking for you.

  12. Sunnymay

    I notice smiles and shoes first. Then I check what’s behind or in them. What a fascinating subject that I’m still studying. Is there some kind of performance test for men, too? Like how much time do they spend to keep their parts in tiptop shape? And are they willing to keep up the looks and invest in themselves?

  13. Jennifer Shirk

    Well, shoot. :???:
    Where do shoulders rank? :mrgreen:

  14. Ms Menozzi

    Well, the first thing I tend to notice kinda depends on which way he’s facing! LOL!

    Seriously, if I see his face, I’m drawn to square jaws and bright eyes. If he’s facing away, it’s the tush I’m checking out. If he’s an athlete, I’m examining the thighs. I’m a sucker for strong thighs. (During rugby and road cycling season, I’m in heaven, I tells ya! Heaven!)

    All of the biological reasons make perfect sense, if you think about it. One shortcut to getting me in the mood is the idea of the ol’ thrustin’ booty. :wink:

    And my fascination with Les Dieux du Stade makes much more sense, now, doesn’t it?

    Yes. Yes, it does.


  15. Jane

    I like to check out their eyes and their chins. I love chin dimples.

  16. Crista

    I’m definitely guilty of checking out the ass on guys. I guess I know where my subconscious has been all these years.

  17. Lauren Murphy

    I am a chest woman all the way! A nice broad chest damn near makes me drool especially if attached to strong muscular arms. Yummie!

  18. Shelley Munro

    Sunnymay – that’s an interesting question. The book didn’t go into that – it concentrated more on actual body language. I wonder where we can find the answer.

    Jennifer – I’d rank shoulders in with chest as part of the things the males need to bring home the “kill” so to speak.

  19. Shelley Munro

    Ms. Menozzi – LOL that was one of my first thoughts too. I mean if he’s facing you you’re not going to see his butt first, are you?

    You know I think maybe my love of rugby helped my butt fixation. Hmm, I wonder if hubby is going to read my blog today? :wink:

  20. Shelley Munro

    Ooh, Jane. You’re right about dimples. Dimples are very sexy. I’m a big fan of dimples.

    Crista – at least you know you’re not alone. Quite a few of us are standing in line beside you!

    Lauren – I have to say I enjoy the tight fitting rugby shirts they have these days. The old-fashioned loose ones hid a lot of great scenery.

  21. julia

    I’ve always found all the subconscious attractors between the sexes endlessly fascinating. I go with the female species thing in admiring men’s butts and legs. Chests and arms, not as much – but I really love the abdomen heading down to the pelvic area on men. Mmm.

    And of course, men’s eyes and hands – huge attractors for me.

    Love your post, Shelley!