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May 20, 2009

The Vulcan Salute

There are some things my husband can do that I can’t, and it just drives me crazy.

One, there’s the Vulcan Salute. That’s the gesture Mr. Spock and his fellow Vulcan do as part of their greeting. There’s a photo and a description here. No matter how I hold my mouth and pucker my brow, I can’t do it! And speaking of open mouths, yes, I do that when I’m applying mascara as per yesterday’s Ever Wonder.

Two, I can’t touch the tip of my tongue to the tip of my nose. Now, there probably isn’t a good reason to actually do this. I mean it looks stupid. Hubby can do it and I can’t. Annoying because he gets this smug grin that drives me crazy.

I can, however, tongue curl. Not everyone can do that so there! Evidently, it’s a genetic thing.

Can you do the Vulcan Salute, touch the tip of your tongue to your nose or do the tongue curl?


  1. Eleni Konstantine

    Vulcan Salute – no darn it!! :???:
    Touch tip of tongue to nose – no
    Tongue curl – yes

    ‘Live long and prosper’ but sorry no Vulcan salute from me. :wink:

  2. Christina Phillips

    :lol: I can’t do the salute but I can raise one eyebrow! And although I can’t curl my tongue both my younger daughter and son can. No idea where they got that ability from!!!

  3. Debra Kayn

    Oh too funny! My hubs used to make me do tongue tricks at gatherings, because I impressed him so much. (yeah, get your mind out of the gutter!) I can curl, cup, twist, and flip the end of my tongue…but I can not touch the end of my nose.

    The other day, I did the Elvis-pull the corner of your upper lip up. Impressed the heck out of the kids. None of them can do it, lol.

    I can not lift one eyebrow, but my hands can do the Vulcan handshake. :-)

  4. Fedora

    How funny, Shelley! I can do the salute (it’s part of a warm-up exercise for piano, if I remember ;)) but nope, can’t touch my tongue to my nose or curl it. Both my sons can (my husband and I cannot, and our daughter cannot).

  5. Karen Erickson

    I can vulcan salute only with my left hand, I can curl my tongue but I can’t touch the tip of my nose with my tongue, LMAO. Too funny.

  6. Lucinda

    Oh, I’ve been able to do the Vulcan salute since I was a child. I can do it on both hands.

  7. Leah Braemel

    I’m like Karen – I can do the salute easier with my left hand than my right. I can’t touch my tongue to my nose – but a hubby who can do that might be skilled in … well, you write erotic romance, you can draw your own pictures. And yes, I can curl my tongue.

  8. Helen Hardt

    Hi Shelley — well, I can do the Vulcan salute and the tongue curl, but I can’t touch my tongue to my nose. But Christina, I can also lift one eyebrow, LOL.

  9. N.J. Walters

    I can do the tongue curl and hubby can’t. Drives him crazy. *g*

    Can’t manage the eyebrow lift, but I can do the vulcan salute.

  10. Lisa N.

    I can do the Vulcan salute and curl my tongue. I didn’t realize it was a genetic trait! I can’t touch my tongue to my nose, but I can lift one eyebrow.

  11. Shelley Munro

    What???? You guys can lift one eyebrow and curl up your lips a la Elivis? :eek:

    I’m distraught! Distraught, I tell you. I can’t do any of that stuff.

  12. Maree Anderson

    Yep, the tongue-curl IS genetic…who woulda thunk it? Husband and son can curl their tongues, me and daughter can’t–much to our everlasting dismay. Daughter can touch her tongue to her nose–tho I’m not convinced it’s something she should advertise, LOL!

    Yes! I haven’t lost it…can still do the Vulcan salute, woohoo!

    A guy I knew in college could wiggle the lobes of his ears up and down just by thinking about it. Can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone else do that. Anyone?

  13. Suzanne

    lol I’m laughing. yes, I can do those, but can you wiggle your ears. I can. lol lol….

  14. Shelley Munro

    Maree – ear wiggling is a new one. I can’t even begin to work out how to do that!

    Suzanne – I wish we could all get together so I could see this ear wiggling! :mrgreen:

  15. Kaye Manro

    Since I love Spock, Star Trek and all that, lol. I practiced the Vulcan Salute endlessly as a kid. Tongue curls? I guess it easy for me, but I don’t even know why. DNA?

  16. Amy W.

    Vulcan Salute – You betcha!!
    Touch tip of tongue to nose – no
    Tongue curl – yes (but my mom can’t)

    Can’t wiggle my ears or nose either. But I can lift either eyebrow independently in a moment of sardonic salute.

  17. Janet H

    Two out of three. I can’t touch my nose with my tongue. I am so depressed. LOL Thanks Shelley, you gave me a great big smile and I really needed it!!!

  18. Shelley Munro

    Amy – an independent eyebrow lift? That will come in handy with Emma, I’m sure!

    Janet – as I pointed out to hubby (who can touch his nose with his tongue) who wants to go around doing that anyway? :mrgreen:

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