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Meet the Delphinium

Delphinium or larkspur, as they’re sometimes known in the United Kingdom is a perennial plant native to the Northern hemisphere. Their name comes from the Greek word Delphin, which means dolphin. It’s said that the flowers are the shape of a dolphin. During Tudor...

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The History of Confetti

It’s thought that the throwing of confetti started in Greek times when locals would shower athletes and those getting married with flowers and leaves. It was a unique way of sprinkling people with love and excitement and made for a brilliant spectacle. But it was the...

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Scottish New Year Traditions

We have lots of people of English and Scottish descent in the community where we live, so I’ve been hearing a lot about first-footing and mutters of lumps of coal. I had NO idea what they were talking about, so I decided to find out so as not to appear dim-witted....

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Gift Ideas for the Avid Readers in Your Life

Looking for some fun gift ideas for the avid readers in your life? Good news. You've come to the right place. I've teamed up with some fellow authors to share our picks for the perfect gifts (in a variety of price ranges!) for readers to cozy up with. The only other...

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Cats and Romance – Check Meowt! #books #romance #cats

September is the month of the cat. Cats—both wild and domestic—come from the Felidae family. Around eight to twelve million years ago cats evolved into two categories, which scientists called Old World and New World species. The cat family was also classified into two...

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Sleep and Tips for Getting a Good Night of Rest #sleep

Humans spend one third of their lives sleeping, and recent research suggests that we’re sleeping one to two hours less per night on average. I watched a British documentary on sleep this week and found it interesting. As I get older, I find I have more trouble...

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Moon Called – Facts and Superstitions About the Moon

The moon is fascinating—at least I find it interesting. There is nothing more romantic than a walk under a cloudless sky with a full moon. Facts about the moon: The moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite. The moon is 384,403 kilometers from the Earth. It takes the...

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Spider Cures and Superstitions

While doing some research for one of my books, I came across several superstitions regarding spiders. On the whole spiders are considered positive, and many people protected them from harm because they were considered lucky. Here are a few superstitions: 1. If a...

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How Do You Get Rid of a Stuck Song?

You know how you get those catchy songs stuck in your head? You hear them once and suddenly you’re humming or singing the song? It becomes the song that will not go away! These songs are called earworms. And they’re really annoying. The more you think about them, the...

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