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July 14th, 2009

When we were in the supermarket at the weekend, hubby and I debated purchasing some fresh ravioli. We decided it was too expensive and thought that maybe we should try making our own. Tonight hubby searched through our recipe books, made the pasta dough and filled it with ricotta cheese, spinach, pumpkin, nutmeg and a little cheddar cheese. We don’t have a round cookie cutter so it was difficult cutting out circles of the pasta dough. In the end, we did squares or triangles. Cooking them was easy, and although we worried about the filling squirting out while they boiled, this didn’t happen.

End result: They were delicious, although next time we’d try to roll the dough a bit thinner. We had a little of the filling over and that’s for tomorrow night’s dinner – we’re putting it inside jacket potatoes.

Have you ever made your own pasta? Do you like pasta, and if so, what’s your favorite kind?

11 comments to “Pasta”

  1. OMG does that sound good. Cross the water and come to my house to cook okay?:)

  2. I love pasta but my hubby is not that found of it. He is a meat and potatoes man. I’ve never tried making my own pasta. Have a great day.

  3. I’ve often thought of making my own, but I haven’t had the time. Though my bread machine has a pasta recipe and setting. I should give it a go one day.

  4. I love pasta and have tried making my own, it was pretty good and the best part is…you know what you put into it….

  5. Hi Shelley, my husband has recently become a pasta making machine, LOL. We use an attachment to our KitchenAid mixer. He makes a delectable homemade marinara and it’s wonderful with the homemade pasta.

  6. Sandra – believe me, there’s nothing I’d like better than to escape the winter here in NZ! You should be careful what you wish for. :wink:

    Roberta – my father used to be like that. He’s mellowed as he’s become older. Maybe that will happen to your hubby?

  7. Amy – we were surprised how easy it was, although you probably don’t want to experiment right now with a new baby and a deadline!

  8. Savannah – that’s right. I like knowing what goes in my food and can hopefully control some of the additives that way.

    Helen – husband who cook are so sexy. :mrgreen: I have to agree that a homemade sauce tastes SO good.

  9. I’ve never tried to make my own pasta. Do you think it’s easy enough for a novice?

    If it’s anything like making pie crust, mine will probably look like zombie pasta.

  10. Do I like Pasta? *dumbfounded*

    I’ve never made my own pasta, because I basically don’t cook. But I once had lasagna made by a woman who’d married into an Italian family, and she made the lasagna noodles as well as everything else. Do I have to say I still remember it as the best lasagna I’ve ever eaten? And that I ate it 20 years ago?

  11. Maria – hubby and I were complete novices before last night. If we can do it, so can you!

    Julia – LOL – I really can’t imagine anyone not liking pasta either. That must have been really good lasagna if you can still remember it.