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July 23, 2009

My Point of View…

Thursday Thirteen

…is that I enjoy reading romances and other genre fiction in both first and third person points of view. I like being in the main character’s head in some books while in other books seeing things from both the hero and heroine’s perspective is interesting. For a background on different points of view in writing here’s a link to a POV article. As I’ve mentioned, I enjoy reading books written in first person so today I have a list for you.

Thirteen First Person Reads or Series I Enjoy

1. Kristan Higgins (contemporary)

2. Stephanie Plum series – Janet Evanocvich (contemporary mystery)

3. Lisa Kleypas – contemporary Texas series. (contemporary)

4. Kate Daniels series – Ilona Andrews (urban fantasy)

5. Mercy Thompson series Patricia Briggs (urban fantasy)

6. Josh Lanyon – (m/m)

7. Hard Fall James Buchanan (m/m)

8. Alien Huntress series – Gena Showalter (paranormal)

9. Lori Armstrong – Julie Collins series (mystery)

10. Keri Arthur Riley Jensen (urban fantasy)

11. Bridget Jones Diary by Helen Fielding

12. Something series – Jacqueline Meadows

13. And finally, I’ve written several books in first person: Wanderlust (romantic suspense), The Shadow (contemporary mystery) and Stray Cat Strut (paranormal m/m)

Do you prefer first person or third person fiction best and why? Do you have any favorites to add to my list?


  1. sandra cox

    I like first person. And I’m totally hooked on the Twilight series.


    Oh great idea for a list.

    I played …come on over if you can find time to visit with me. I’d love your company. Happy Thursday.

  3. Adelle Laudan

    It’s hard to find good writing in 1st person. I think YA or Middle Grade has the most 1st person books out.
    Great list!
    Happy T13!

  4. Stephanie Adkins

    Great list. I love Bridget Jones Diary. Happy Thursday. :grin:

  5. Alice Audrey

    That reminds me, I’ve been meaning to read Bridget Jones Diary.

  6. Ella

    Haven’t read many of those, but those that I have, I really enjoyed. The Stephanie Plum series hooked me for a while (until I somehow got sidetracked).
    Happy Thursday!

  7. cass

    Awesome post, sugar! You know, it’s funny, but in erotic romance and romance in general I prefer third, but if the book is a mystery or thriller, I prefer first.

    Cora’s got us covered this Thursday at the MMC with her 13 Favorite Movie Heroines. Stop by if you get a chance and see if you agree.


  8. Amy W.

    Frankly, I’m not picky. I like the fact you get more about feelings and motivation in a first person but I don’t care. I remember in high school that we read To Kill a Mocking bird, and it kept switching from 1st to 3rd all the time and it never phased me but some of the other students had problems with it. All I can it that the characters are interesting, yet relate-able and has a good, flowing plot line.
    P.S. Hope my surprise helped with your “funk” from yesterday! LOL!

  9. Amy W.

    *I said hope, and I meant glad that it helped. Darn distracting husbands.

  10. Paige Tyler

    I have to admit, I don’t usually go for books written in first person, except for Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld Series. Love her books! Oh, and Harry Potter, of course! LOL!


    My TT is at http://paigetylertheauthor.blogspot.com/

  11. Catherine Bybee

    I like third myself… but I do have one first person story coming. Kilt Worthy is done in 1st person, which to me is ironic since it will be my debut release. Then again, it’s a short story. Often times first person doesn’t allow the writer to give a second pov, which as a reader I then miss.

  12. Elise Logan

    I prefer 3rd person. I like seeing what’s going on. I also think 1st person can be very hit or miss. There are some I enjoy (I’m with you on Patricia Briggs, for example – and if you like her, you should check out Faith Hunter), but I mostly prefer third person reads.

  13. Heather

    I’m more partial to third person, and though I have not read any of these, some first person series I have enjoyed are Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, Sookie Stackhouse by Charlaine Harris and the Undead/Queen Betsy series by MaryJanice Davidson. Lisa Scottoline has also written a lot of legal thrillers in first that were good (eg: Everywhere That Mary Went).

  14. Christina DeLorenzo

    I read a lot of YA, which has a large quanitiy that is being written in first person right now, so it’s not bothering me as much as it used to. I only write in third, though. :shrugs:


  15. Shelley Munro

    I don’t know how I forgot about the Harry Potter books to add to my list. I’ve also read the first book in the Twilight series.

    Cass – I tend to read a lot of mysteries and many of them are first person. I think it’s because the lead character is usually so invested in solving the mystery and we really want to know what they are thinking.

    Christina – I’ve been reading more YA this year too, although the last one I read was third – Zombie Queen of Newbury High.

  16. Shelley Munro

    Amy – your surprise did indeed improve my funk. :grin:

  17. Susan Helene Gottfried

    No preference over here, but I did just give up reading a book that I kept expecting to be in first person. Except it wasn’t.

    Really weird.

  18. Babette James

    I prefer to write and read in third person, but as long as it’s a good story I’ll read it. I’ve written a few first person and one mixed first/third.
    Happy T13 :)

  19. Lauren Murphy

    I like Patricia Briggs but my favorite so far is the prequel to the Mercy Thomson series. Nice list.

  20. Janice~

    I just started writing in first person last year, and love it! :razz:

    My favorites in first person are Jim Butcher’s Dresden files and LKH Anita Blake series.

    Happy TT.

  21. Debbie

    Generally I prefer third person but I have read a few in first person that I really liked.

  22. Julia Smith

    I prefer third person. I even like an omnicient voice that hints of the upcoming plot points because the voice already knows what’s happened – rather like Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen.

  23. jillconyers

    I’m an avid reader but I haven’t really thought about which I prefer. My first thought is third person. I’ll have to make note with each book I read and see if my first thought holds true.

  24. Alexia Reed

    Great list! I’ll have to check some of these out.