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August 6, 2009

Happiness is….

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Small Things That Make Me Happy

1. A pretty cupcake.

2. Browsing the romance section at my favorite bookstore.

3. A cup of strong latte.

4. A kiss from my husband.

5. Getting a smile and a hello from people I meet while out walking and cycling.

6. A sunny day with a cloudless blue sky.

7. The scent of fresh lavendar.

8. Watching all the cars stop to let a duck and her ducklings cross the road.

9. Watching the new lambs play together.

10. The scent of fresh bread at the Farmers’ Market.

11. Receiving a package and opening it to find my author copies of Tea For Two (see cover on the sidebar) They are SO pretty.

12. Counting down the days to my holiday. It’s less than three weeks before I jet off to Singapore and Thailand.

13. Having a glass of wine in the company of friends.

What things make you happy?


  1. Megan Rose

    I’m with you on #2 :) and I agree about your cover. It’s beautiful indeed.

  2. Shelley Munro

    Thanks, Megan. :grin:

  3. sandra cox

    I love your list. Its a nice way to start my day.

  4. Hazel

    No. 8 is cute. I enjoyed stopping the car and watching all those sheep cross the road in the Yorkshire Moors :-) I love your list, and I wish you all the best on your holidays in Singapore and Thailand.

  5. Stephanie Adkins

    It makes me happy just to read your list. :grin: Happy Thursday, Shelley!

  6. Joy

    I loved your list…one of the things that makes me happy is waking up on Saturday AM…thinking that you have to go to work…and then realizing that you can sleep in because you don’t have to go to work!!! ;)

  7. Adelle Laudan

    Lovely. I envy your holiday, big time! Happy T13!

  8. Ella Drake

    These made me smile. Thx for that!

  9. Kaye Manro

    What a nice list. And I love the new cover! Hve a great day, Shelley.

  10. Cambria Dillon

    Nice list! Sometimes I forget about the small things that make me smile in all the hub-bub of everyday responsibilities. So it’s nice to take a moment to reflect on them.
    PS – I love #8. There’s a pond in front of my house and it does make me smile when I see people stop to feed the ducks there.

  11. Jennifer McKenzie

    What an awesome list!
    I love the little things too.

  12. Alice Audrey

    Browsing for books is fun, but not nearly as fun as reading them.

  13. Robin Mayerhoefer

    Great list. I’d add hearing my children laugh, and walking out of a library book sale or thrift store with a bag full of books!

  14. Catherine Bybee

    Today… Happiness is… My debut release tomorrow.

    Dancin’ I’m doing the happy dance :!:

  15. Forgetfulone

    Singapore and Thailand? How exotic and exciting! Love the scents of lavendar and fresh bread.

  16. sherilee

    Love your happy list! Many of those things make me happy too. Thanks for stopping by Sweet Tea and Sunshine.

  17. Crazy

    Books, books, and more books. And those skies that are full of those fluffy white clouds holding all sorts of adventure.

  18. jillconyers

    Great “happiness is” list! #2 is a favorite.

  19. Debbie

    I’m with you on #’s 1,4,& 10 but I prefer the smell of lilacs to lavender.

    Love the book cover.

  20. Cheeky Monkey

    Love your TT list! It’s the simple things in life isn’t it!!

  21. Susan Helene Gottfried

    Ahh, I could do with small things that make me happy. Is it horrible of me to say that your list made me happy?

    And I totally agree about the people you pass on the street who say hi. Think what a warmer, happier world it would be if we all did that more!

  22. Janice~

    Sounds like a good list, I like to watch young animals play too.

    Have fun on your vacation.

    Happy TT.

  23. Lauren Murphy

    I’m actually with you on the lavender. I love that stuff. I have lavender scented lip gloss, baby oil gel… dryer sheets. A kiss from my hubby will also get a nice bright smile from me. I really like warm breezes on nice summer nights. *sigh*

  24. Bumbles

    Making children smile is contagious and makes me happy.

  25. JO

    every little things counts!

    thanks for visiting my blog.

  26. Shelley Munro

    Joy – I love your suggestion. I’ve woken up thinking it was Friday when it was really Saturday. It’s a great feeling once you realize!

    Robin – the uninhibited laughter of children always makes me smile or laugh as well. It definitely makes me happy.

  27. Shelley Munro

    Susan – the area where I live is full of people who smile and say hello. It’s really nice. Quite a few people stop to ask about our little dog because they haven’t seen her recently.

    Lauren – I think lavendar is lovely. :grin:

  28. Mr Munro

    A kiss and / or cuddle from the wife makes me happy also!!

  29. Heather

    An excellent list! Tried to reply yesterday, but the applet froze on me. One thing that makes me happy? Not seeing snakes in my basement.

  30. Sophie

    I loved your list, it made me smile! Just thinking about the things that make you happy is a sure way to lift your spirits and a reminder to be greatful for all you have. Several things on your list are favorites of mine too! The two happiest things that happen in my life is seeing my husband smile at me, and phone calls from my children!

  31. Elise Logan

    I agree with a lot of these. and I’d add “my daughter screaming with laughter”