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August 13, 2009

A Parade of Hats

Thursday Thirteen

I’ve been having a problem with sticky-uppy hair recently. Actually it’s more that I forget to comb it. I climbed into my car yesterday to drive to my local town for a coffee and to do some writing. Luckily I happened to glance in the mirror. I’d washed my hair and totally forgotten to comb it. Not one of my best days!

So to celebrate bad hair days here’s a list of Thirteen Types of Hats

1. Beanie – a close-fitting cap usually made out of a wool-type fabric.
2. Boater – a straw hat.
3. Cossack – a tall fur hat worn by Russian men.
4. Sombrero – a Mexico hat of either straw or felt with a high crown and broad brim.
5. Top Hat – a tall hat with a narrow brim and a shiny finish.
6. Turban – a length of fabric wrapped around the head.
7. Fez – a red hat with a black tassel worn by Turkish men.
8. Stetson – a cowboy hat.
9. Beret – a flat hat usually made of wool.
10. Davy Crockett – a coonskin cap with a dangling tail.
11. Deerstalker – the hat made famous by Sherlock Holmes.
12. Pillbox – a small brimless hat popular during the 1920s. Worn on top or side of head.
13. Baseball cat – closefitting hat with a large brim in the front. My favored hair flattener.

Do you wear hats? What is your favorite type of hat?


  1. Hazel

    I love hats and I don’t hesitate to wear them at any appropriate time. My son’s latest hat is a Stetson :-)

  2. Stephanie Adkins

    I love hats! Great list, Shelley! :grin:

  3. Ember

    No hats for me – if my hair wasn’t a mess before I put it on, it’s sure to be a disaster when I take a hat off.

    I do use this stuff called Coconut Milk that makes my naturally frizzy hair lay down nice and smooth, and makes the hair silky without getting greasy. I’m not a spokesman, just a real actual user!

  4. Flicka Holt

    I can’t wear hats, I look super-weird in them. I tell people that and they say: “Oh, you’re just being silly” and then I put one on (any kind) and they go: “Oh.”

  5. Adelle Laudan

    Sticky-uppy? LOL I don’t do hats. They look terrible on me. Fun list!
    Happy T13!

  6. Alice Audrey

    I remember having a lot of fun with my grandmother’s pillbox hats. so glamorous.

  7. she

    you should have worn a fez to the coffee shop! lol.

    happy tt!

  8. Joy

    I love it!! What a great T13 idea!!! :) What about a cowgirl/cowboy hat…I’m sure that is not the proper term. ;)

  9. patsy hagen

    Every day is a BAD HAIR DAY for me.I am really considering wearing a turban.

  10. Shelley Munro

    Ember – I actually have flat hair after a hat. That’s a good thing, believe me!

    Adelle – yep. Sticky-uppy. That’s such a great descriptive word and works for me.

  11. Shelley Munro

    Flicka – if I don’t put a hat on people (my husband) laugh at me.

    Alice – the pillbox hats are gorgeous. It’s strang how fashion cycles go. It wasn’t really that long ago when a lady wasn’t dressed if she didn’t wear a hat.

  12. Shelley Munro

    Patsy – I know how you feel! I’m sitting here with sticky-uppy hair and wondering if it’s worth getting a comb and trying to do something with it. :mrgreen:

  13. Heather

    I’ve never been much of a hat person, but do have a straw one with a (sort of) wide brim for summer days. Was wishing I’d remembered it when I was out earlier today–it finally warmed up here!

  14. Fedora

    Hee! I’m not much of a hat person, although a friend did give me a fedora as a gift in high school. I do think some hats are awfully cute, but my style is more along the lines of baseball caps!

  15. Jennifer McKenzie

    I always wanted to pull a hat off–like Molly Ringwold in “Pretty In Pink” but I never could.
    I’ve had bunches.
    Baseball caps when I’m camping are the only ones I wear now.

  16. Susan Helene Gottfried

    Shelley, do you know Katrina at Stone Soup? She gives a book away every week, and every week, she shows the hat she drew the entries out of.

    And she’s a book blogger. I suspect you guys would like each other, just based on what I know of each of you.

  17. Mary Quast

    I only own one hat, it’s a Detroit Tiger baseball cap. I get hat hair too easy. Ugh!

  18. Emily Ryan-Davis

    Whilst touristing through Annapolis with Bria Quinlan in late June, I finally bought a hat. It is white canvas with a floppy brim and it protects me from sunburn and migraines and I love it. Not so great for my hair, however.

  19. Janice Seagraves

    I like hats but don’t look good in them. My hubby has started wearing them because in the last few years he has been loosing his hair. He has a very nice black felt stetson and several baseball caps.

    Happy TT.

  20. Shelley Munro

    Jennifer – I have a large collection of hats – lots of baseball caps, a couple of straw hats, some hats from Pakistan, Mexico and Africa and a cowboy type hat. Oh, and a floppy sun hat. I like hats.

    Susan – no, I don’t. I’ll go and search her out and say hello.

  21. Shelley Munro

    Fedora – now a Fedora for you makes sense. I bet it looked great.

    Mary – hat hair – what’s that? :lol:

    Emily – I have a denim floppy hat that I tend to take with me on holidays. I’ll have to post a photo of me and my hat.

    Janice – now a black Stetson sounds really sexy.

  22. jillconyers

    I”m so not a hat person. Ok, so I wear a cap when I run but that is it.

  23. Julia Smith

    I just adore all the concoctions worn by Victorian women. Those were the best of all.

  24. LaurenMurphy

    I’ll admit that I’m boring. I do love hats but usually won’t wear them for fear of being stuck with hat hair. My favorites are 1 and 13.