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September 13th, 2009
Birds and Four-legged Beasts

Camera Critters

This week I have photos of two different critters taken during my recent holiday in Phuket.

Kingfisher, Phuket

I think this is a type of Kingfisher. He sat very still while we kayaked around him and took lots of photos.


We hired a tuk-tuk to go the a restaurant and watch the sunset. This was one of the elephants we saw on the way there. He’s bedded down for the night with his dinner at his feet.

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6 comments to “Birds and Four-legged Beasts”

  1. How exciting and what a great holiday. I love the kingfisher and the elephant.

  2. lovely kingfisher bird, love its orange beak and a cute elephant.

  3. What an interesting time you must have had.

  4. We got to ride elephants on safari in Chitwan Park, Nepal and I completely fell in love with them! I would love to hear the story about almost getting sat on by a mountain gorilla. Isn’t traveling just the best? :grin:

  5. Wow — love the elephant photo!!

  6. Mountain Mama – Hubby and I rode elephants at Chitwan too. It was an incredible experience seeing the rhinos from elephant back.

    I have a travel essay in my For Readers section about our trip to see the gorillas. This visit has to be one of my top life experiences.