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The Big Buddha

The Big Buddha, near Phuket in Thailand sits on a hill and is visible for miles. I love the serene expression on his face. Here’s a model of the entire area, which gives an idea of exactly how big the big buddha is. What do you think of his expression?

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Travel Ready Packing

Travel-Ready Packing: Pack Light, Dress Right—Anytime, Anywhere by Julie Ann Martin Publisher: Argo & Cole Publishers ISBN: 978-0-9791186-1-6 Publication Date: 1 Jan, 2010 Website: www.travelreadypacking.com Amazon link: Travel-Ready Packing: Pack Light, Dress Right -...

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Scootin’ Along

When we were in Phuket the first thing we noticed was the large number of bikes and scooters. They were a very popular mode of transport and it was a common sight to see the entire family--father, mother and two kids--all loaded up on the bike and scootin' off to...

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Elephant Safari.

One of the things I wanted to do when we visited Phuket was ride an elephant again. We managed to get a cheap deal for our holiday because it was monsoon season. The first day in Phuket it rained quite heavily and I was a bit worried it would spoil our ride. As it...

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Birds and Four-legged Beasts

This week I have photos of two different critters taken during my recent holiday in Phuket. I think this is a type of Kingfisher. He sat very still while we kayaked around him and took lots of photos. We hired a tuk-tuk to go the a restaurant and watch the sunset....

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