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Archive for September, 2009

Elephant Safari.

One of the things I wanted to do when we visited Phuket was ride an elephant again. We managed to get a cheap deal for our holiday because it was monsoon season. The first day in Phuket it rained quite heavily and I was a bit worried it would spoil our ride. As it happened I needn’t have worried because the sun shone as we set out for our hour long ride.


This is hubby and I on our elephant.

Jungle, Phuket

This is the view from the top. I have to add that I didn’t feel very safe and the ground looked a long way down! An elephant’s skin is very rough and it feels abrasive to the touch, almost like sandpaper. It’s also very bristly.

Elephant Ear

Our elephant had freckles. He was very cute.


This is our mahout–the elephant driver.


This is the end of our elephant ride and me saying goodbye to our mount. I enjoyed the ride, but I was pleased to stand on my own two feet again.

Elephant Garage

Resting up after the road with a small snack to pass the time.

Would you like to ride an elephant?

Birds and Four-legged Beasts

Camera Critters

This week I have photos of two different critters taken during my recent holiday in Phuket.

Kingfisher, Phuket

I think this is a type of Kingfisher. He sat very still while we kayaked around him and took lots of photos.


We hired a tuk-tuk to go the a restaurant and watch the sunset. This was one of the elephants we saw on the way there. He’s bedded down for the night with his dinner at his feet.

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Menace in the Kitchen.

I feel as if I should cue the creepy “Jaws” music because today I’m discussing a very serious topic…

Dangerous kitchen equipment.

There’s loads of potential for injury in the kitchen, but the one bit of equipment that has injured me the most, the one piece I fear is the…


Yep, the humble grater.

I’ve grated my knuckles on numerous occasions, drawn blood and bled on the cheese. These days I steer clear of it because grated knuckles take forever to heal!

Which piece of kitchen equipment do you fear most?

The winner of my August blog participation contest is Patsy Hagen. Congratulations, Patsy! I’ve emailed you about your prize.

Don’t forget every month I give away a prize to one person who visits my blog and posts a comment. You never know–this month it could be you!

Contest Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered my contest and wished me a happy holiday. Hubby and I had a wonderful time. It was very relaxing and the days passed way too quickly.

Three people guessed the correct total of 18. I decided to put all three names in a hat and draw out one winner for my original prize of a print copy of Tea For Two and award the other two downloads of their choice.

The winner of Tea For Two is Elaine.
Eva S and Rachel M will receive a download of their choice.

Congratulations to all three winners!! (all winners have been contacted via email)

Here is the list of the books I read during my holiday.

1. Grady’s Awakening by Bianca D’Arc
2. Touching Midnight (MIRA) by Fiona Brand
3. Mystery book
4. Mystery book
5. Mystery book
6. Mystery book
7. Mystery book
8. Mystery book
9. Mystery book
10. Kilt Worthy by Catherine Bybee
11. Thai’d Up by Helen Hardt
12. Payback by Rose Middleton
13. Chasing Smoke by KA Mitchell
14. Start Me Up by Victoria Dahl
15. Bengal’s Heart (Breeds) by Lora Leigh
16. Passion Unleashed (The Demonica Series) by Larissa Ione
17. Personal Demons by Stacia Kane
18. Even Demons Get the Blues by Maree Anderson

Note: I can’t give you titles of the mystery books since I’m judging them in a contest.

I had a very happy time reading by the pool, and as you can see by the titles I mixed and matched genres very nicely. Some of the mystery books were historicals so I think I covered them all! My favorite read was Passion Unleashed by Larissa Ione. This is book three in her series and if you like paranormals you should definitely try these books featuring demon brothers who work in a hospital for paranormal creatures.

Thanks for entering my contest!

Back Home

I’m home!

Kata Beach, Phuket

Hubby and I spent a very enjoyable ten days in Phuket, and now I’m dealing with the fallout…mountains of laundry. I also have a couple of writing-related things that are quite important so this post will be a short one.

I’ll post the results of my reading competition tomorrow and also announce the winner in my monthly contest.

What have you been up to recently?

New Zealand: Queenstown.

Lupins, Queenstown

This is another shot of Queenstown and a field of lupins. It’s a very pretty place. The snow-capped mountains in the background are The Remarkables.

Don’t forget to enter my contest to guess how many books I will read during my holiday. Go here for details.

New Zealand: Goat Island

Pohutukawa Tree, Goat Island Reserve

This is a shot of a pohutukawa tree, one of New Zealand’s natives. During the summer it is covered with crimson flowers. Beyond is Goat Island and the marine reserve. It’s fun to snorkel here and paddle in the water with the huge fish swimming around your legs.

Don’t forget to enter my contest to guess how many books I will read during my holiday. Go here for details.

New Zealand: Christchurch.

Avon River, Christchurch

This is the river Avon that runs through central Christchurch, one of the larger cities in the South Island. Christchurch is our most “English” city and many of the names of the streets and sights are taken from England.

Don’t forget to enter my contest to guess how many books I will read during my holiday. Go here for details.

New Zealand: Ruapehu.

Chateau, Mt Ruapehu

This is a shot of the Chateau, a luxury hotel nestled beneath Mt. Ruapehu in the Tongariro National Park. Mt Ruapehu is an active volcano that rumbles to life every now and then.

Don’t forget to enter my contest to guess how many books I will read during my holiday. Go here for details.

New Zealand: Huka Falls.

Huka Falls, Taupo

This is Huka Falls. The water comes from Lake Taupo and becomes part of the Waikato River, New Zealands longest river.

Books that mention Taupo: Playing to Win, Never Send a Dog to do a Woman’s Job

Don’t forget to enter my contest to guess how many books I will read during my holiday. Go here for details.