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October 9th, 2009
Instant Kiwi Attitude

It’s time for some more New Zealand ads. Some of these are older ones, but they’re still some of my favorites.

The one below is an all-time favorite. They’ve recently reissued it, combining it with the “Get A Perm” guy from the ad below, but I couldn’t find a version of that on You Tube Yet. Unfortunately the quality isn’t too good at the start, although it does improve.

This one below has proved very popular and they’ve done a series featuring the two men. It is Instant Kiwi’s most recent ad campaign.

Which is your favorite? Have you got the instant Kiwi Attitude?

2 comments to “Instant Kiwi Attitude”

  1. Hey Shelley!

    I LOVE that last one! LOL! :grin:

  2. Jaime – the words “Get a perm!” have become part of our language down here. It’s really funny how an ad has so much influence.