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October 8th, 2009
Awesome Things

Thursday Thirteen

About six months ago I came across a blog called 1000 Awesome Things. I was so taken with this blog that I put it on my RSS feed, and now it’s the first one I read every day. It never fails to make me grin. For my Thursday Thirteen today I’m highlighting some of my favorite posts.

Thirteen Posts from 1000 Awesome Things

1. Fixing your wedgie when no one is looking.

2. Running for the bus or train and actually catching it.

3. Fitting every last thing in the dishwasher. (My husband knows a thing or two about this one)

4. Vacuuming a dirty carpet and hearing all the tiny rocks going through the hose.

5. When your laptop or cell phone is about to die and you manage to run and plug it in before it dies.

6. Wordless apologies.

7. When you’re awkwardly standing by yourself with a full cafeteria tray of food and you suddenly spot your friend waving at you.

8. Sneaking cheaper candy into the movie theater.

9. Being so excited you forget to take your bike helmet off.

10. Taking the stairs beside someone taking the escalator.

11. When somebody holds the elevator door for you.

12. When the person scratching your back finds that one really itchy spot.

13. Making someone laugh when they have a really full mouth.

I hope you have time to follow some of these links because they come complete with a story and photos and a big AWESOME. They are fun posts and make my day.

What do you think is awesome?

28 comments to “Awesome Things”

  1. I had so much fun reading these. They really were awesome. Sneaking the cheaper candy into the theater is something that I absolutely do!!

    Happy TT!

  2. For me, #12 isn’t awesome, it’s HEAVEN!

    Poor hubby has learned not to scratch my back during a hug, as I will melt into a puddle every time and he’s left holding me up. LOL!

    Great list! I also love wordless apologies. ;)

    Happy TT!
    Ciao for now…!

  3. I didn’t get to all of these, but I know that feeling with the vacuum. That wonderful sound of itty bitty rocks.

    Great list! Happy T13.

  4. Wordless Apologies…hmmmm, I can picture that!

    My 13 is posted…all in a name. Find it HERE But you will need to scroll down just below my other meme….Thursday Thunks. Then, my Thursday 13 Names is posted.

  5. I love #12, though now I have an itchy back!

  6. I’ve definitely bookmarked this site. Thanks for the heads up! Gotta love something positive in the world today. Thanks!
    Happy T13!

  7. is it bad that i do #1 in front of friends and family? hehe. happy tt!

  8. Fixing your wedgie- too funny.
    We’ve all done it too:)

    Happy Thursday!

  9. excellent reading

    Gotta love those little AHHH moments

  10. Hi Shelley :)
    Thanks for the fun post!
    I’ll be smiling all day now.
    All the best,

  11. Sneaking cheaper candy into the theater? No, I don’t do that! psssttt… pass the Mini chocolate bars.

  12. What a fun list and fun site! I love when I’m able to cram everything in the dishwasher!

  13. The titles alone are awesome.

  14. #1 for sure! Love this list!

  15. ‘Look left, look right, and yank.’ – LOL!!!

    What a great blog. Thanks for giving us the heads’ up.

  16. LOL! Great list!


    My TT is at

  17. I may have to add this site. And for the record, I am the queen of loading the dishwasher. :grin:

  18. Great list! I will have to follow through those later this evening.

  19. You’re right running for the bus and actually making it is awesome and hearing the vacuum actually working, well, that’s amazing–at least at my house.

  20. I’d agree that scratching that itchy spot is pretty close to heaven. So is an unsolicited back rub.

  21. Okay, I’m checking them out. I trust your judgment. Besides, it’ll balance out The People of Wal-Mart.

    I hope.

  22. Hey Shel,

    I am now hooked on a new blog. lol Thanks for telling us about it. And my fav is #8 because my sister and I used to do that as kids because our mum thought it was ridiculous the cost of the refreshments at the theatre. lol. Of course now they cost almost as much as a half tank of gas. Sheesh.


    Our T13 is up at the Midnight Moon Cafe:

  23. Those are wonderful, Shelley! Thanks for the smiles today :) Making the bus or the light or whatever is definitely awesome! Too many times I’ve run and missed :(

  24. Those are great. I have totally snuck candy into the theatre. lol

  25. Thanks Shelley. These were so much fun to read, I’ll have to go and check out that site.

  26. Oh, I’m so with #12, my daughter hit my exact itchy spot today and I was in heaven.

    Happy TT.

  27. Wow, thanks!

    This is Neil from 1000 Awesome Things — just noticed your link to me, and I thought I’d drop you a quick line to say thanks. So thanks, Shelley. You’re, you know… AWESOME!

  28. Hi Neil. Thank you! I really do get a kick out of your posts, although I don’t comment very often. Keep up the great posts. :grin: