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December 6th, 2009
Savoring the Sun

Camera Critters

This photo of sunbathing sea lions was taken at Pier 39 in San Francisco last year when hubby and I attended the Romance Writers of America conference.


To see other animal photos visit Camera Critters.

10 comments to “Savoring the Sun”

  1. So that’s what San Franciscans look like, huh?


    Santa Puppets

  2. I love looking at the animals. thanks for sharing.

  3. Cool shot sof all the Sea Lions. It is cool to hear so many of them making their sounds too. Great shot!

  4. I must be nuts, but I always want to pet them when I see them.

    In sort-of related news, our zoo welcomed a sea lion pup earlier this year. We went to see it; my goodness, it’s cute!

  5. I better not let my daughter see this or we’ll be watching Andre for the rest of the day! :grin:

  6. That’s a great pic. Sea lions tend to be there in numbers up and down the northern coast of CA.

  7. That is a truly cool shot. I remember seeing sea lions when I lived in california. I miss the beach.

  8. They are very cute, but we could smell these ones ages before we saw them! It was fun watching them though.

  9. I saw on CBS news, I think, about week ago that the area around San Francisco was over run with sea lions. They have taken over alot of the coast and docks in area..I hope they can figure out how to get them back to their homes before someone starts shooting.. I loved watching Andre. Cute movie..

  10. Love the sea lions.