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January 10th, 2010
Coolin’ Off

Camera Critters

One of the animals Mr. Munro most wanted to see during our last trip to the US was a bull moose. We came across this one while driving in the Grand Teton area. It was a hot day and he was ambling down the small waterway, ignoring all the tourists taking photos of him.


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9 comments to “Coolin’ Off”

  1. Great shot of the Moose, they are awesome looking animals.

  2. Wow ! what an impressive animal !

  3. He’s a very handsome fellow.

  4. It was certainly thrilling seeing him up fairly close.

  5. Great pic!

  6. Your camera critter are so cool, Shelley!

  7. That’s a great picture. I really enjoy your critter days!

  8. I’m glad you’re all enjoying the photos. :grin:

  9. Wow, what a beautiful animal.