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January 15th, 2010
Lost & Wandering

Wanderlust I’m visiting Nikki Duncan’s blog today where I’m talking about traveling and books. There’s a download of Wanderlust up for grabs. Comment on my post and you’re in the draw.

I’m also doing a guest spot at The Romance Studio Blue about a particular weakness of mine–my total lack of a sense of direction. Just ask my husband. :grin:

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  1. My husband says I can’t find my way with a map! He says I turn it upside down and have him going the wrong directions. He’s not actually correct all of the time, but yes I do have a bad sense of direction too! Just don’t tell him I admitted it!

  2. I was always good with a map, but now I’d have to have one with big print. The old eyes aren’t that good anymore to read that fine of print.