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January 19th, 2010
Finding Love & Fortune, Old Age & Wrinkles

Tea For Two Where do you find love? It’s a question I asked here on my blog not long ago, producing some interesting answers. Today the Tea For Two Tour continues at Love Romance Passion and I’m talking about romance and meeting places. I’m also doing a giveaway so don’t forget to come and say hello.

Random thought – I must have more wrinkles than I thought because the bus driver stopped at the old folk’s home to let me off the bus, instead of continuing to the stop just a bit farther down the road. (which is closer to my house) He was trying to be nice, but I think I should be insulted. What do you think? LOL I think everyone is picking on me this year, that’s what I think.

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  1. Oh don’t think anything about the bus driver, I bet he needed glasses anyway. :)

  2. Mary – I had to laugh. I laughed when I told my husband later. He’s my hero. He said, “the driver obviously didn’t look hard enough.”

  3. Your husband is right. Maybe the driver was tired or thought you were visiting someone there. :)

  4. I bet he just thought you were visiting someone.