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January 21st, 2010
Things With Bite

Thursday Thirteen

During a recent evening walk, hubby and I were talking about bed bugs, which then led to other things that bite.

Thirteen Things That Bite

1. Bed bugs

2. Fleas

3. Sandflies

4. Spiders

5. Snakes

6. Mosquitoes

7. Scorpions

8. Leeches

9. Ticks

10. Cats and Dogs

11. Sea Lice

12. Bumble Bees

13. Head Lice

A few of the above things have latched on to me. I’ve had malaria, which was MOST unpleasant and as a child caught head lice. Yuck! I’m thankful we don’t have snakes in New Zealand. So far, I’ve escaped bed bugs. I hope that trend continues.

Have you received bites from any of the above? Do you have any things with bite that I can add to my list?

13 comments to “Things With Bite”

  1. Good list. I would have never thought of leeches or sea lice.

    I’d add wasps–specifically yellow jackets. Murderous things and relentless.

    The worst bite I ever received was from a brown recluse spider. I didn’t think I’d ever see my hand again.

    But I call it my lucky bite. I was due to take a test for employment the following week, and the swelling came down enough that I was able to use my hand. And I aced the test!

    I think that spider gave me spidey senses. LOL!

    Sadly, he lost his life after I crushed him for biting me.

  2. Yikes! I’m glad you didn’t post pics with those! Well, the doggie and kitty would be cute, but not the others! LOL!


    My TT is at

  3. How about vampire bites? lol. Or maybe to be realsitic, vampire bat bites.

    Good list, Shelley.

  4. You know what, my job “bites” today :)

  5. The only one I can lay claim to is mosquitoes. No other bites — unless you count my dh :grin:.

  6. My hubby bites – especially when he’s working long hours like he is at the moment!
    It’s okay for me swanning around sightseeing. I’m having fun. :grin:

  7. JK cracks me up!

    I have a cat who bites as a way of showing affection. Weird, huh?

  8. I’m starting to itch.

  9. I’ve been bitten by cats, dogs, mosquitoes, bumble bees, fleas, and ticks from your list. Here’s more wasps, wood hornets, and the worst I’ve ever been bitten/stung was by yellow jackets when I was little my sister and I were going to run away from home and went into the woods and step into a nest of them Mom said that we were covered from head to toe with them and she had to pick them off of us because they had burrowed into us. By the way we ran home faster than we ran away. All of these are from when I was a child most of these happened because we were outside more than we were inside then.

  10. I’m back I forgot the worst thing that I have ever been bitten by and that was my little sister when we were kids and she got made she would bite me. Once she bit me through a jacket so hard that it bled. Next in line after her was a couple of my nieces and nephews those little babies sure can latch on.

  11. I really hate biting bugs, really hate them. I’ve been bitten by..
    Bee’s, so many bee stings when I was a kid. Maybe that’s why I have a phobia of them now.

    I had head lice when I was a kid too. Nasty little buggers but it seems kids just pass them lil critters around when in school.

    Been bitten by my dog when I was little and was bitten by a cat that I rescued. Both weren’t bad enough to require stitches thankfully.

    I ahve to tell you though, the animal that bit me the most were my drawf hamsters. I had one that loved to bite my knuckles and play tug of war with my fingers. He wouldn’t bite any other part of my finger but if I showed him a knuckle…tug of war. I thought it was funny, even though my knuckles had scabs on them all the time.

    My rat bit me one time when I scared her accidentally. Hey those guys have BIG teeth, you an’t imagine how much that hurt. Then she kept trying to take the bandage off my finger. Crazy animal.

    I’ve been bitten by fleas. Out dog when I was little had them. Yucky lil buggers.

    I’ve also been bitten by my husband. Love bites. LOL

  12. Luckily, I haven’t had the ‘pleasure’ of an animal bite, except for my mom’s blue budgie whenever I was bird-sitting and had to change her water and give her some food. Maxie thought it was hilarious to come over and nip at my hand and forearm while topping up her food.

  13. I stepped on a scorpion once, barefooted. Needless to say it was VERY painful. I have a very high arch in my foot and my foot was flat by the time the swelling was at it’s peak. I also stuck my hand on a bumblebee one when I was taking laundry off the line. That was pretty painful too.