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February 14th, 2010
Does My Bum Look Big In This?

Camera Critters


I took this shot of a sun bear at Wellington Zoo. They’re called sun bears because of the creamy round sun shape on their upper chest. (You can’t see it in this shot) They come from the Southern Asia region.

Visit Camera Critters to see more animal photos.

13 comments to “Does My Bum Look Big In This?”

  1. They look so cute, but I wouldn’t dare to pet him, lol !

  2. He looks like a happy and peaceful bear! :-)

  3. Must be a female bear.

    Rosemary and Reflections

  4. Nice shot. I looked them up to see the spot. Really neat. No wonder they have the name sun bear.

  5. Love the pic. The “paw” dangling down is cute to me…don’t know why! :grin:

  6. He’s so cute! It looks like he’s scatching his butt! lol.

    Have fun on this love day, Shelley

  7. Love it. Happy Valentine’s Day, Shel.

  8. That’s cute as heck.

  9. Makes you want to pet him, if you want your arm taken off that is.

  10. I stood and watched the sun bears for ages. There were two of them and they mock-fought together for most of the morning before this one adjourned for a rest in the tree.

  11. Debby – they are cute, aren’t they? I’d never seen them before.

    Linda – I’ll go in the pen after you. :mrgreen:

  12. What a cutie!

  13. Anna – they were very cute. I spent ages watching them.