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March 7, 2010

Hey Cutie

Camera Critters

During our last visit to the farm, my father had a hen and several chickens that had hatched recently. They were awfully difficult to photograph and kept moving. This is a closeup of one of the chicks. The white on the right of the photo is the hen’s breast.


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  1. Christina Phillips

    So cute! We have a pair of doves that appear to live in our garden and today they were collecting twigs and mating – hope they don’t lay eggs!!! (even though I still feel like March should be the beginning of Spring!!)

  2. Maria Zannini

    I love little chickies!

    What breed of chicken is it? Do you know, Shelley?

  3. Cari Quinn

    Aww! How adorable. :)

  4. Maria D.

    Lovely picture…like the baby chicks

  5. Debra Kayn

    I love chicks. We’ve got some hen’s trying to nest already. I have to steal the eggs, because we don’t need anymore chickens right now. It is funny how chickens can be so dumb, but watching a momma hen with her chickies you’d realize that they are some of the best mothers…and they do it all without arms! lol

  6. Grandma

    Should have told them to “Hold that pose” :lol: Seriously, that’s a wonderful shot. How sweet.

  7. Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez

    :grin: I love the baby chicken picture and please enter me in your contest too.
    Thanks and God bless, Cecilia

  8. Jesus Hernandez Jr.

    :cool:Cool chick pics and please enter me in your contest too.
    Thanks and God bless, Jesus

  9. Keith W Dunbar

    :cool: Cute pics of the baby chick and please enter me in your contest too.
    Thanks and God bless, Keith

  10. Nancy Gilliland

    Baby animals of any kind are “a-a-a-w” inspiring. Seriously, I always look for pics of kittens and puppies and baby chicks for some light hearted viewing. There is a sense of innocence and newness, you don’t see anywhere else.

  11. Mary

    awwww how cute.

  12. Jolynn

    I grew up on a small farm. I miss all the animals, especially the babies at Springtime.