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March 8th, 2010
Ginormous Pumpkins

My regular blog readers will probably recall my earlier post about pumpkins. Mr. Munro and I purchased seeds at the Farmers’ market and gave some to my father, some to my brother-in-law and we kept the remaining ones. Our first lot of seeds didn’t germinate. The second lot grew, but they didn’t grow much bigger than bowling balls.

I don’t think my father understood how big these particular pumpkins grow. He certainly didn’t understand our enthusiasm or competitive spirit. He’s definitely changed his tune since then and gleefully rings up to skite about the rapid growth of his pumpkins.

Here are some photos of some of his pumpkins. They’re all too big for me to lift. Both photos were taken about three weeks ago, so they’ve probably grown even bigger.



Aren’t they a gorgeous color?

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13 comments to “Ginormous Pumpkins”

  1. They are beauties! I’ve never grown pumpkins, though I might try some ornamental gourds this year.

  2. Wow Shelley,
    The colour is unbelieveable, and they look so healthy. All from little seeds.
    Pumpkin soup already tastes good. :)

  3. They are beautiful. I’ve never grown pumpkins either. :grin:

  4. Those are some great looking pumpkins!
    We haven’t had much luck growing things the last 2 years…think I’m going to have to do something about our ground

  5. Maria – I’ve never grown ornamental gourds. I must google and find out about them. Our school teacher used to grow them and the different shapes and colors used to fascinate me.

  6. Suzanne – yes, pumpkin soup is one of my favorite soups, although these pumpkins aren’t for eating.

    Jaime – pumpkins are usually fairly easy to grow, althouh ours didn’t grow well this year. It’s been very dry this year and they do need a lot of water.

  7. Maria – I have to admit that hubby is the gardener at our place. I give directions but don’t do much more than water when I think about it. Oh, and I eat the results. We’ve had quite a few tomatoes this year. I’m about to cook some – we like slow roasted tomatoes and will probably have them with pasta for dinner.

  8. It seems really weird to see pumpkins this time of year, but when I remind myself that you’re coming into autumn, of course it makes perfect sense.

  9. wow big guys! How many pumpkin pies would one of those big ones make?

  10. Those are great!

  11. Wow! You must have alot better weather than we have here in Utah. We just had snow this past Saturday.

  12. Jolynn – it’s the end of our summer here in New Zealand. We’ve had an awesome summer.

  13. The color is father in law raised pumpkins for many years before he passed away and they are quite interesting. susan L.