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March 21st, 2010
The Odd Couple

Camera Critters

Hubby and I wandered down to the local school to check out their gala day. I snapped this shot of a miniature pony and a Great Dane puppy because it made me laugh. I actually had trouble getting a decent shot because people got in the way. The pony wanted to hide under the trailer while the Great Dane wanted to sleep. They are definitely “The Odd Couple.”



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8 comments to “The Odd Couple”

  1. The dog is almost bigger than the pony:)

  2. Wow…they are really close to the same size…amazing

  3. You still got some good shots. Interesting odd couple for sure!

  4. That is funny. The dog will be bigger than the horse in a month.

    limerick love

  5. I wonder if the horse will fetch. :lol:

  6. The dog was only a puppy at two-years-old. He’s bound to grow a little bigger. I hate to think how much the food bill is to feed that dog.

    Maria – wouldn’t that be something? :mrgreen:

  7. Amazing that the dog will be so much bigger then the pony. How cute are they ? Feeding that dog isn’t something I’d want to be responsible for though. :)
    Carol L.

  8. amazing, a horse and a dog about the same size.:)