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A Dose of Cute Animals

Since I’m deep in edit territory I thought I’d give you cute today with some of the animal photos I’ve taken over the years. “Hey, what are you staring at?” “Aw, why can’t I have a more modern style?” “Who are you calling baldy? Have you looked in the mirror lately?”...

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The Odd Couple

Hubby and I wandered down to the local school to check out their gala day. I snapped this shot of a miniature pony and a Great Dane puppy because it made me laugh. I actually had trouble getting a decent shot because people got in the way. The pony wanted to hide...

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A Day in the Life

"Careful! Watch the knot. Do I have to go to work today?" "Can't we go faster?" "Ah! Dinner time at last." "And maybe time for a snooze." These photos were taken at our local farmers' market where they give pony rides to the children. To visit more animal photos...

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