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July 24, 2010

Hey! Out of My Face!

Camera Critters

This is another photo taken at the Royal Sydney Easter Show. I made a beeline for the alpacas, because I think they’re so cute. The sentiment wasn’t returned. This one didn’t want me anywhere near him.


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  1. Jaime

    Aww, they are cute! :grin:

  2. Carol L.

    How adorable is that face. :smile:
    Carol L.
    [email protected]

  3. Nikki-ann

    He is cute, even if he didn’t want you near him! :D

  4. Anna Shah Hoque

    Oh they’re so adorable! Look at those pretty lashes *totally envious* :razz:

  5. Wilma Frana

    They do look cute. I wonder if they woud make good pet.

  6. Colleen Love

    Aww, what a cute, fuzzy face! Alpacas and Llamas can be such funny critters! :)

  7. Judy Cox

    Oh, he is so cute. I don’t know about Alpacas but I know the Llama can be very devious. They will follow you around and take anything you are eating or drinking:)

  8. Courtney S

    Adorable! I know at least 5 women who would KILL to have eyelashes like that…LOL

  9. K1006

    Very cute! I want one!!!

  10. Darla M Sands

    The first serious boyfriend I had garnered a serious spitting reaction from some of these guys at a zoo. It doesn’t stop me from admiring the animals at one of the many local farms. Thank you for sharing!

  11. GladysMP

    The picture is adorable. You are also a good photographer. Congratulations.

  12. Carol Bowen

    Maybe he just needed to get to know you better?

  13. Shelley Munro

    He has gorgeous eyelashes, doesn’t he? All he needs is a little mascara to highlight them. :grin:

  14. Mary

    He’s so cute. But like Camels and Llama’s, I’d keep back from him because they have a tendency to spit.

    I was at the little zoo we have here in las Vegas a few years ago and one of the Llama’s spit on my arm…it was disgusting! I don’t mean just a little disgusting either, it smelled worst than anything I’ve ever encountered before or since then. I definitely don’t want that to happen again…I’ll just look from far away.

  15. Pat Cochran

    My question was going to ask if they were
    spitters like camels, but Mary has already
    answered that question. Nasty habit,
    spitting, yet that face is so cute! Another
    of Mother Nature’s quirks!!

    Pat Cochran

  16. Shelley Munro

    You know I got quite close to the alpacas. I really do think they’re cute. None of them looked as if they’d spit. I was probably tempting fate though.

    I’ve heard their spit doesn’t smell very nice. :mrgreen:

  17. jeanette8042

    They look really cute but some of them are evil I tell you, evil!

  18. Jen Drake

    Oh my god! SO cute! i love alpacas so much! :mrgreen: