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animal photos

Fancy a Chat?

I took this photo at the Sydney Easter Show earlier this year. This alpaca had a long conversation with me. I'm not sure what he was saying, but he was certainly cute with his tufty ears. To visit more animal photos go to Camera Critters.

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Hey! Out of My Face!

This is another photo taken at the Royal Sydney Easter Show. I made a beeline for the alpacas, because I think they're so cute. The sentiment wasn't returned. This one didn't want me anywhere near him. To visit more animal photos go to Camera Critters

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There's a lot of waiting around at a show. Waiting for the judges to come by...waiting for dinner...waiting... This photo was taken at the 2010 Sydney Royal Easter Show. To visit more animal photos please go to Camera Critters.

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Beware of the Bulls

I took this photo during our last visit to my father's farm. My father used to breed bucking bulls for the rodeo circuit here in New Zealand, and the sign comes from a time when it was dangerous to enter the paddock. These cattle are pretty friendly and it's safe to...

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