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July 29, 2010

The Food Show Experience

Thursday Thirteen

I’m off to The Food Show tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it very much because food is one of my favorite things.

Thirteen Things About The Food Show

1. See, Taste, Buy: The Food Show is a bit like Christmas, a birthday and a giant dinner party rolled into one.

2. I get to watch some of the superstar chefs doing cooking demonstrations, including Josh Emett who runs Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants worldwide, Ray McVinnie who is a MasterChef judge down this end of the world, and others.

3. I have a chance to enter a contest to win an Electrolux fridge full of goodies to eat.

4. I’ll check out the Manuka Eggs, which are cold-smoked eggs unfused with a subtle, smoky flavor.

5. I’ll probably have a coffee, maybe one with the Heilala Vanilla syrup.

6. I’ll haunt the stall with artisan bread. They have new spicy carrot cake. Yum!

7. I might have a glass of wine. Heck, who am I kidding? I’ll have a glass of wine. Red, I think, so I can test the claim about the new wine aerator making red wine taste better.

8. I won’t be able to resist the fudge stall. Plain chocolate or flavored? Decisions. Decisions.

9. The Spice n Easy stall sounds interesting – packs of spices packed ready to use for specific dishes.

10. I won’t sample the mussels at the Omega Sea Food Stall, (Yuck!) but I might be tempted by a clam.

11. I’ll check out the Pomegranate juice stall. This is supposedly a wonderfruit used to lower blood pressure, fight stomach bugs and for its anti-ageing properties.

12. The Tasty Pot stall sounds enticing – ready made meals packed full of vegetables, whole grains, fresh herbs and spices and served in a tasty sauce. Hmmmm, healthy fast food…

13. I’ll go early to avoid the crowds and the people who use their kid’s pushchairs like dodgem cars. They run over your toes and don’t even say sorry. I don’t really like crowds.

Do any of these sound good to you? How do you like crowds?


  1. Anthony North

    Sounds like a good event, though I’d inevitably leave feeling bad – ah, the temptation!!!

  2. Darla

    I’m completely with you on crowds. I hope you have fun!

  3. Jennie

    Who wouldn’t want an Electrolux fridge full of goodies!? Good luck! :wink:

    I’m with you on the mussels.


  4. Stephanie Bennett

    Oh you lucky thing! I would love to attend something like this. I hope you have a great time. :grin:

  5. Alice Audrey

    Those eggs sound interesting. In fact, all the food sounds almost-familiar – just the way I like it.

  6. Alice Audrey

    Looks like I’m in your spam filter again. Please fish me out.

  7. Maria D.

    Well…besides being uber jealous right now about the food show that you are going to …I would say that the Pomegranate Juice stall …would be yummy it’s very tasty,
    they would probably have to push me out of the artisan bread stall, the spice n easy stall and the Tasty Pot stall…oh who am I kidding..the fudge stall too :grin:

  8. Tatiana Caldwell

    ALL of them sound good to me, yum! I’m a big fan of good food and beverages, too, but I just don’t like crowds much at all.

    Enjoy the food show!

  9. Heather

    The Pomegranate juice and fudge would be enough for me. Have a fun time!

  10. Amy Ruttan

    I love food too! Mmmm. Except mussels. I hate those things.

    I HATE crowds, but you’ll be happy to know I never use my baby’s stroller as a dodgeum car and NEVER run over people’s toes because I hated when that happened to me.

  11. Vicki H

    I am so not a cook. Wish I could do better but honestly, I just do not like cooking.

  12. Janice Seagraves

    Sounds yummy! Have fun sampling food.

    Happy TT.


  13. Elise Logan

    are pushchairs like strollers?

    The Tasty Pot stall is intriguing. You must report back with your findings.

  14. Mary

    I don’t like crowds and don’t get out a lot because I have a slight case of Agoraphobia but that does sound like a good time.

    Oh and I love muscles…on tall, long haired, handsome men…heh hehe

    But Mussels are good when you get smoked mussels in the tins like sardines. Oh my they are good.

  15. Shelley Munro

    Elise – yes, pushchairs are strollers. I keep forgetting you guys call them strollers. Note to self…

    Mary – LOL about the muscles. I have to agree with you.

  16. Shelley Munro

    Well, I’m home, and I had a fantastic time at the food show. I spent about three hours there until the crowd became too much for me – all that pushing and shoving!

    I dranks lots of tea and coffee, tried the pomegranate juice, which I didn’t like! I ate fudge and chocolate, tested yoghurts and soup. I entered lots of contests and will probably end up with lots of junk mail as a result! I ate ice cream and tested wine and cheese. It was a fun day.

  17. Kristen

    I don’t like crowds that much, but for a food show, I’d be brave. Hope you had a great time!

  18. Brandt!

    Yum … I’ve never been to a food show!! Wine and fudge .. all the essentials!
    thanks for visiting …happy TT