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Archive for July, 2010

Foster Puppy: Update on Patch Adams

We’ve had Patch for just over two weeks now. He’s changed a lot in that time, putting on weight and growing in confidence. These days he wags his tail instead of tucking it between his legs. He limped for the first week after overdoing the running, but his rear leg seems to be much stronger now.


Today, I rescued an old golf club, the grate off the bottom of the compost bin, one of the blankets from his kennel, and another part of Mr. Munro’s irrigation system. There’s quite a collection of irrigation equipment on the top of the garden table now. In addition, our lawn looks like a graveyard. Patch has dragged all Scotty’s old bones from under the hedge. He races around the section with a bone in his mouth and loves to chew on them.

At first he didn’t like leaving the section but now he waits at the gate for his morning and evening walk. He sniffs everything and tries to eat just about everything that catches his attention. I have to watch him like a hawk because he eats plastic, cans, and paper. He tends to pull on the lead a bit, but he’s very good at road crossings, sitting as soon as we stop.

Patch is an affectionate dog and very intelligent. He was REALLY naughty today, but he made me laugh because a mischievous puppy is so normal.

Things That Are Green

Thursday Thirteen

Today I was pondering this week’s Thursday Thirteen. The first word that came to my mind was green. A perfect topic, I decided, and I started my list.

Thirteen Things That Are Green

1. Emeralds – much prettier than diamonds in my opinion.

2. Limes – perfect for cooking and adding to drinks.

3. Shrek – the most famous ogre of all.

4. Greenland – green in name but not in nature.

5. Kermit – my favorite muppet (apart from Miss Piggy) from The Muppet Show

6. Jealousy – an emotion that’s often called green.

7. Grass – good for cows.

8. Green Eggs and Ham – of Dr. Seuss fame.

9. Ireland – the Emerald Isle.

10. Guacamole – avocado goodness

11. Green Park – one of London’s many Royal parks

12. Greenwich, London – the home of Greenwich Mean Time or GMT

13. The theme color for my website and blog – explore and wallow in the green.

What are your favorite green things? Do you have anything green to add to my list?