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September 12th, 2010
Oh, Give Me a Home Where The Buffalo Roam!

Camera Critters

I took this photo of bison in Yellowstone National Park. They’re very big up close and dangerous, yet many of the tourists we saw were busy stalking them with digital cameras.


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9 comments to “Oh, Give Me a Home Where The Buffalo Roam!”

  1. I don’t think you’d want to mess with one of those! I certainly wouldn’t get too close! :) Great shot.

  2. Huge, fascinating beasts.

  3. I love this picture. One of the first, vivid memories that I have is petting a buffalo. I was 3-years-old, and my family had taken a trip to South Dakota to visit my uncle who was stationed at the Air Force base in Rapid City.
    I’m so glad that these beautiful, majestic animals were saved from extinction with the creation of Yellowstone back in the 1872.

  4. They are so majestic. They just sat there and posed prettily for you. lol

  5. Nikki-ann – they’re really big up close. I thought I got quite close enough!

    Nessa – The US has lots of interesting animals in the wild. We have birds but no native animals.

  6. Lucinda – it must have been amazing seeing the bison running wild before their populations were decimated. We saw quite a few bison in South Dakota as well.

    Becky – they are deceptively relaxed!

  7. Greta picture! Definitely not an animal to mess with! When we were in South Dakota, friends and I were amazed at the number of people who disobeyed ranger warnings and tramped across fields to get close to the buffalo, instead of keeping a respectful distance. You never know when the slightest sight or sound will spook them and spark a stampede!

  8. Wow, I’d love to see them up close! Great picture!

  9. Hubby and I watched an excellent documentary on winter in Yellowstone last night. Evidently the caldera is like a deep freeze during winter. I felt cold watching it.