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October 7, 2010

Yummy Bread

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Types of Bread

1. Brioche

2. Bagel

3. Rye Bread

4. French Bread

5. Pumpernickel Bread

6. Sourdough Bread

7. Corn Bread

8. Croissant

9. English Muffin

10. Flatbread

11. Croutons

12. Whole Wheat Bread

13. Pita Bread

I like bread. I quite often have toast and vegemite or honey for lunch. My favorite bread is a NZ one containing lots of grains. It’s good eaten fresh and as toast. My husband is a dab hand at making bread and his speciality is focaccia (another addition for my list). There’s nothing better than fresh bread and homemade soup.

What is your favorite type of bread? What do you like to eat with it?


  1. kerri williams

    I love Helgas, seeded wholemeal. It’s heavy and yum! Toast it with peanut butter with a coffee

  2. Adelle Laudan

    One of my favorites is caraway rye toasted Yum Bread lover here too. Happy T13!

  3. Jennifer Shirk

    I LOVE bread.
    But lately, I’ve been trying to cut back and I’ve been liking those Deli-Flat breads by Pepperidge Farms.

  4. Brenda

    Grin. I’m with you. Bread is one of my favorite foods.

  5. Darla

    Oh, great list. Now I’m hungry. Heh… Happy TT!

  6. Hootin' Anni

    Yum!!!! I like ’em all equally except for corn bread. Never cared for that.

  7. Xakara

    I could live on sourdough bread and croissants! Great list, it reminds me I haven’t had corn bread in much too long. :)

    Happy T13,

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  8. Jennifer Leeland

    Mmmmmmmmm bioche.
    I make some awesome dinner rolls using a Milk Bread recipe. They’re the bomb.

  9. Nikki-ann

    I love fresh bread straight out of the oven. However, I’m wheat intolerant so it’s a rare occassion when I have that. There’s a Gluten-free bread that I have which actually tastes like proper bread called Genius (I’ve found most gluten-free bread to be awful).

  10. Heather

    My grocery store makes a great focaccia bread with olives in it that I love pairing with Italian. Right now I have a loaf of cinnamon swirl in my freezer — no preservatives in it, so I have to take out only a few slices at a time or it molds before I can eat it. You know what a tragedy that would be! *g*

  11. Alice Audrey

    Do croutons count as a bread? I thought they were just something you did with bread, like French toast.

  12. Maria D.

    I love bread too…I love croisants, challah bread, cinnamon rolls, french bread, bagels, and corn bread. I put anything from jams/preserves to honey to cream cheese on top depending on the kind of bread :grin:

  13. Shelley Munro

    It sounds as if everyone loves bread.

    Nikki-ann – wheat intolerance is quite common down here. It must make it difficult at times.

  14. Shelley Munro

    I have a very easy and delicious recipe for beer bread. I must post it! It’s so easy to make when unexpected visitors arrive.

  15. Elise Logan

    I love butter-flake type dinner rolls. With butter and jam. *drool*

    But I also love tortillas. With all KINDS of fillings. Versatile things, tortillas.

  16. Mary K

    I love bread! I have a bread maker and have been using it ever since my mom gave it to me as a birthday present. Fresh baked white bread is so good.

    I really like making the bread dough in the bread maker and then using it to make homemade cinnamon rolls.

  17. Debra Kayn

    I love bread…too much. You’re so right, bread with soup is comfort food.

  18. Jenny Schwartz

    I love bread. Pick a favourite? Can’t do it. Although the local bakery does a cinnamon brioche that is to die for. But it’s not everyday food — unless I really do want to grow three dress sizes in two weeks! Mmmm, bread.

  19. Maddy Barone

    My faves are stirato nad ciabatta. My dad didn’t know you could buy bread in a store until he was in school because my nonna always baked her own.

  20. Amy W.

    Mmmmmmmmmm…… bread……..

    I like sourdough the best, but as I’m from San Francisco is that really surprising? Frankly as long as it’s crusty and fresh I’ll eat it. Okay, okay… as long as it’s bread I’ll eat it.
    Hugs girl!

  21. Adrienne

    I LOVE brioche. The Fresh Market where I live has raisin brioche which I could eat and eat!!!