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October 17th, 2010
Stand Up and Be Counted

Camera Critters

I took this photo at the Wellington zoo during a visit earlier in the year.

Giraffes, Wellington Zoo

To see more animal photos go to Camera Critters.

8 comments to “Stand Up and Be Counted”

  1. I’ve always loved Giraffes, they have such pretty eyes.

  2. Great photo – the colors are so delicate, it looks like a painting. Well done!

  3. Fantastic shot of the giraffes.

  4. Wonderful photo! I love seeing some of your travels captured on film, Shelley. :grin:

  5. You always have the best animal photos!

  6. I like giraffes. They have the longest eyelashes and always look so cute.

  7. I really like giraffes. The ones at our zoo had to be separated this summer due to sparring. Bad giraffes!

  8. Great shot! It looks a bit wobbly.

    Erika B