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January 5th, 2011
Labyrinth Relaxation and Plotting

Cottage Grove Labyrinth

I took this photo of a labyrinth at The Village Green Resort in Cottage Grove, Oregon. It’s a simple turf labyrinth and is a replica of one from 9th century Aachen in Germany.

I didn’t realize there was a difference between a maze and a labyrinth and learned differently during my visit. A labyrinth has one entrance and one exit. It doesn’t have any dead ends. A maze has a high hedge (or corn in modern mazes) and is actually a puzzle because it contains lots of twists and turns and dead ends. Mazes are used for entertainment such as the one at Hampton Court near London. I’ve explored the Hampton Court one and managed to get lost but finally made the center with hubby’s help. Labyrinths are used as a compliment to meditation or prayer. I walked this one and found it very soothing. I think it would make a good spot for plotting a book or for pondering plot problems.

Have you ever explored a maze or walked a labyrinth?

4 comments to “Labyrinth Relaxation and Plotting”

  1. What a great photo….Very cool…

  2. I’ve never doen either, though I’ve always thought it would be neat to walk a real English hedge maze.

  3. I’ve never explored either but think if I found one here in nevada, I probably would try it.

  4. I enjoyed walking around the labyrinth. If we had a larger section I’d get hubby to make one for me.