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February 10, 2011

Thirteen Ways to Have The Perfect Pout

Thursday Thirteen

This week I’m all about a sexy pout.

Thirteen Ways to Have Sexy Lips and the Perfect Pout

1. The skin on the lips is delicate and tender and it pays to take care. Dead skin on the lips needs to be removed carefully. Do not bite or chew it off because this can lead to a bacterial infection. The easiest way to exfoliate the lips is to use a special lip exfoliator. Apply and rub in a circular fashion, blot dry and use a lip balm.

2. Sun damage is cumulative and can leave white patches if the skin gets burned. Look for lipsticks that contain a sunscreen.

3. Try not to lick your lips because when the moisture evaporates they become even drier and will crack and peel.

4. For soft and sexy lips use a lip moisturizer or balm. Apply several times a day. The thin film from these products will protect lips.

5. Lipstick balances your make-up, adds definition and draws attention to your mouth.

6. Look for lipsticks that contain a moisturizing core. Long-lasting lipstick tends to dry the lips.

7. A lip brush gives a more professional look and allows you to color the corners of your lips easily.

8. Do not alter the natural shape of your lips unless absolutely necessary because this can result in an unnatural look.

9. A lip pencil is a girl’s best friend when it comes to shaping. Use a sharp lip pencil and keep the lip liner as thin as possible.

10. Lipstick color should complement hair, eye color and skin tone plus your outfit.

11. If your lips are too full, avoid bright colors and stick to matt finish lipsticks. If your upper lip is too thin use your lip pencil and draw just outside the top line. If your bottom lip is too thin, outline the bottom of the lip line only. Apply two coats of lipstick to the top lip and only one coat to the bottom lip.

12. Once you’ve applied lip pencil and your lipstick with the brush, blot it with a tissue, powder, re-apply lipstick and blot again. Personally, I don’t usually do all this but done this way your lipstick will last.

13. Pampering your lips will help them to look plumper and fuller. Your lipstick will also last longer and you won’t get an unattractive lipstick bleed.

Do you wear lipstick?Do you have a favorite color?


  1. Kimberly Menozzi

    I’m one of those ladies who doesn’t wear lipstick – it’s too much fuss for me to deal with. I do, however, use lip balm, particularly in the winter and the summer.

    Happy TT!

  2. Xakara

    Lipstick is the only makeup I wear and I don’t even wear it all the time. I do keep lip balm on me at all times.

    To add to your wisdom above:

    If you don’t have a lip exfoliator, you can use your tooth brush, but make sure the brush and lips are both wet and that you use very gentle circular motions.

    Look for a moisturizing lip balm that contains shea butter or a similar moisturizer. Petroleum jelly and other similar products don’t moisturize the lips, they create a seal of protection. If lips are dry and only a petroleum or wax based product is available, wet lips with water first and then seal in the moisture.

    Happy TT,

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  3. Gina Gordon

    So the moral of the story is always have lip balm and never get collagen. Got it!!! lol

    Great post. I’m not a lipstick wearer but I do love my Blistex mint chapstick!!

  4. Mary Quast

    Love this post! I love wearing Burts Bees Lip Shimmers. They sparkle and tingle with peppermint. Very kissable.

  5. Alice Audrey

    I didn’t even realize my lips were getting burned for a long time. I thought they were just “chapped.”

  6. Heather

    Like Kimberly, I don’t wear lipstick, but I do wear lip balm with an SPF of 15, especially in the cold, dry winter.

  7. Maria D.

    I love lipstick and lip gloss but I really don’t like using a lip brush to apply- have never really found a lip brush that I like.

    I do use lip moisturizer though and I prefer the kind that is organic..I put it on every night right before I go to sleep and in the morning when I wake up my lips are nice and moist and not dry:) Good post

  8. Paige Tyler

    Great TT1 I use Laura Gellar’ssugar lip scrub every night to exfoliate. Not into lipstick, but I do love Charmed lip stain from Tarte paired with Melon Daiquiri or Bubble Gum lip shine from Philosophy!


    My TT is at http://paigetylertheauthor.blogspot.com/

  9. Pearl

    All the mystery products in lipstick and balm worry me. is the industry regulated for safety? I’d rather just use olive oil.

  10. Maddy Barone

    Thanks for the hints! MY lips are so darn dry these days. That cold winter air is hard on them.

  11. Katie Reus

    I don’t usually wear lipstick except on special occasions but I do wear chapstick w/ spf or lipgloss. Thanks for the tips!

  12. Shelley Munro

    Xarara – thanks for the great hints!

    Pearl – the mystery elements worry me too. I wonder how much lipstick we eat over our life times?

  13. Shelley Munro

    I always find my lips get drier if I don’t drink plenty of water. If I drink lots of water I don’t have a problem at all. I like lipsticks in pink tones. They suit me :)

    I like Body Shop lip products.

  14. Kaye Manro

    I had to laugh at the first one since I’m forever and unconsciously chewing my lips while in private. I do use lip balm, and also Victoria’s Secret lip gloss in translucent red is my all time favorite lip stuff to wear.

    Love Thursday 13!

  15. Yvette Davis

    Thanks for the tips! I find lipstick just doesn’t last very long. What about getting them “permanently” tinted?

  16. K.S. Manning

    I’m another one of those that don’t wear lipstick. I try and wear lip balm every day but I’ve found that the lipstick just doesn’t stay. Even the supposed 12 hour/18 hour lipstick just doesn’t seem to want to stick for more than a few hours. :(

    Happy T13

  17. Jennifer Leeland

    I’m so bad about getting the lipstick on. And like Alice, I didn’t realize my lips were getting burned!