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February 24th, 2011
The Senses: Thirteen Things That Relate to Smell

Thursday Thirteen

Two things made me think about smell today. I’m currently working on polishing book twelve in my Middlemarch Mates series and I’d overdone the word “smell”. Also one of the ponds we walk past during our evening walk really honks. I think it’s due to the hot weather and lack of rain to wash it out.

Thirteen Words That Relate to Smell

1. fragrance

2. malodorous

3. waft

4. whiff

5. bouquet

6. fresh

7. stink

8. odor

9. inhale

10. nose

11. reek

12. perfume

13. musty

What smells/scents do you dislike? (the pond ranks right up there for me!)

20 comments to “The Senses: Thirteen Things That Relate to Smell”

  1. There are a few scents that I really dislike.

    Cooking Liver…my hubby loves Liver and onions and to me the stuff just stinks.

    Dirty feet
    Cat’s litter box when left uncleaned

  2. Hmm. My least liked scent you say? Stale perfume. :) Happy TT!

  3. I love liver and Braunschweiger but have to say that my nose burned yesterday when cleaning the cats’ litter boxes. Yuck. Happy TT!

  4. Cabbage and cats litter box Ewww!!!!

    Big reason why I have a dog lol

    Happy T13!

  5. Cat litter ewww, I agree…I have a few smells I hate but I can’t seem to think of them right now…Way to early in the am…LOL

  6. Scents I dislike? Oh, laws… I have an extra-sensitive sense of smell, so that’s a dangerous question.

    Short answer would be that I dislike the following odors:
    Cigarette smoke (I’m allergic).
    Broccoli/Cauliflower/Cabbage cooking.
    Cinnamon (because I’m allergic to it, and the smell makes me panicky.)

    However, I LOVE the smell of my hubby’s skin, and his t-shirt after he’s had it on for a while. His scent mixes with the fabric detergent scent and it’s just heavenly… :)

  7. Fun TT! Love lots of smells, like chocolate! I also love the smell of the coffee aisle at the grocery story, though I never touch the stuff! Just like the smell of the beans! LOL!


    My TT is at

  8. I have scent allergies, so there are a lot of smells I dislike, incl: cigarette/cigar smoke, perfume (that’s a big one), fresh flowers (and wouldn’t you know my bank branch inside the grocery is right across from floral), the cleaning aisle in the grocery store (soap/detergent), cat boxes not cleaned regularly… I also dislike the smells of cooked cabbage, liver and fish. Ugh!

  9. Mary – ugh, liver! Hubby has been making liver strips for Bella and they stunk the entire house out for two days. Talk about gross!

  10. Darla – I don’t have any experience with litter boxes. That sounds like a good thing!

  11. LOL – Savannah. I need a coffee myself…

  12. Adelle – dogs are much easier when it comes to toileting.

  13. A certain kind of dog poop. I won’t elaborate, but let’s just say I’m the only one who can clean it up and not hurl. LOL!

  14. I’m a nurse… you might not want to know the smell that I’m thinking of.

  15. I’m allergic to Cigarette smoke but I love the smell of chocolate.

    Happy TT.

  16. I find it pretty nasty when people use too much perfume or cologne, then get on the treadmill next to me and sweat in my general direction.

    It’s also quite horrid when they use the bathroom at work, use a ton of air freshener, and then the damn stuff gets sucked up into the a/c system and exits right over my desk! Bleeeechh!

    Skunk on the other hand, doesn’t really bother me. In case you wanted to know… ;)

  17. Least favorite smell? Jimmy down the street.
    But I’d gladly sniff him him now, if it meant I was finally free of this damned sinus infection.
    Enjoyed your nasal extravaganza.

  18. I love the smell of the ocean, good coffee and chocolate.
    There are more than enough unpleasant smells out there. Happy T13!

  19. I don’t love strong smells of any kind, even pleasant ones like flowers or perfume – gives me a headache.

    I especially hate it when someone sticks something in your face and says “smell this” because you know it is usually foul!!! :eek:

  20. This could come in very handy for a nose-oriented book I have in rough draft.

    Sorry for the delay in commenting. Your site won’t allow my laptop on at all, and I haven’t been able to sit at my desk until now.