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May 11th, 2011
Craft Corner: Decorate a Vase

Better Homes and Gardens is one of my favorite lifestyle shows, and I always tape it to watch when I have time. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from writing and writing-related stuff and try a new craft. In one of the show segments, they decorated plain glass vases. Right, I thought. This is the project for me.

I saved some jars – most of them contained pasta sauces and soaked the labels off. The jars need to be spotlessly clean and dry so I put them through the dishwasher. I also used Eucalyptus oil on cotton wool to remove the glue left from the label. It worked like a treat.

The next step was to choose some contact paper. I picked some patterned contact in pinks and some plain gold contact.


I decided to decorate my jars with circles in two different sizes. You could do squares or stars or any shape your heart desires.


I used two different sized coins as my guide so that all my circles were even. Draw your shapes on the back of the contact then cut them out.


Stick the shapes (circles in my case) on the jars. I stuck mine on in a random fashion. I found the backing a bit difficult to peel off once I’d cut out the shapes. A tip – use small scraps of contact to pull the backing off. It worked well for me.



This is the finished product, filled with flowers from our garden. :smile:

The great thing about these vases is that you can decorate them to go with your home decor. It’s a good project for kids of all ages.

9 comments to “Craft Corner: Decorate a Vase”

  1. I love that! So pretty! It would make a great Earth Day project for my kiddo too. :mrgreen:

  2. Those are sweet little roses! And I love how the vases turned out.

    LOL about thinking about me and then me showing up! I’ve been very busy these days and my blog visiting – as you may have noticed – had to fall by the wayside for awhile. But all for a good cause. I’ve ‘come out of the director’s closet’, as my producer described it on set, when we wrapped the shoot and she handed me a bouquet of lillies.

    I’ll have more news as the summer progresses. :grin:

  3. That’s a great idea. They came out so pretty.

  4. I love this! Now I’m going to have to pay more attention to contact paper, so I can personalize jars as gifts.


  5. Those look really cool, Shelley!

  6. Thanks so much. I enjoyed the entire process and found it releaxing even cutting out my dots.

    Maria – they’d make great gifts. The second hand/charity shops often have cheap vases that would work too.

  7. How pretty!!

  8. That looks so funky…Very cool idea….

  9. That is really neat, Shelley. Thanks for sharing!