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May 16, 2011

Meet Me At The Coffice

These days technology allows us to conduct business from anywhere. We can live in different countries and communicate with each other for business purposes. For example, one of my publishers often holds virtual meetings I can attend in the comfort of my lounge.

On the news the other night, there was an item about a new thing called a coffice. The words comes from a combination of coffee plus office. Coffice.

It seems many business owners are running their businesses from coffee shops, conducting appointments and meeting with clients in their favorite coffee shop rather than at the traditional office.

There are loads of advantages to a coffice.

1. It’s cheaper than renting an office.
2. The coffee is good and always hot.
3. The milk doesn’t usually run out.
4. You never have to do the dishes or clean up after everyone else.
5. Many cafes offer free wi-fi these days for people to keep up with their email or surf the Internet.

I’ve written in coffee shops for years, and I have my favorite coffee shops in various towns. There’s even a pub where I sometimes spend a few hours writing. It’s perfect in winter because they have a huge open fire. I find it easy to concentrate on my writing even with the background noise and find I finish my target number of words in a much shorter time than if I stay at home.

Who knew I was ahead of the times? I’d actually mentioned to my husband not long ago that there were always heaps of business meetings at my favorite McDonald’s McCafe. I’ve eavesdropped on interviews and listened to a man organizing temp workers. Some of the local charities also hold their meetings there.

Do you have a coffice?


  1. Maria Zannini

    Sadly, I have two strikes against me to using a coffice.

    I’m not fond of the overwhelming smell of coffee, and I need quiet to write. It wouldn’t do for me to jump up and play-act the passage I’m hatching to a bunch of strangers. lol.

  2. Sam Title

    Hi Shelley!

    Glad I’ve found another devoted Cofficer. I agree with your whole list of advantages…and there are plenty of others to add.

    One of the biggies for me is the array of networking opportunities (inspiration for writers, perhaps?).

    Even WITH “Web 2.0” or social networking, there’s nothing like shaking the hand of a real person and holding a conversation that allows for more than 140 characters.

    To Maria: I may have to disagree with your not being able to “jump up and play-act the passage…” Given your subject area, it could work to your advantage…(I’m only have kidding).

    Cheers ladies!

    Sam Title
    Chief Executive Cofficer

  3. Darla M Sands

    I may have to give this a try!

  4. Sam Title

    Yay! Another potential recruit!

    An advance “welcome to the Coffice” to you Darla…

  5. Shelley Munro

    Maria – LOL I don’t know about playacting. Some of the other customers do some very strange things. I get some great character traits from people watching in the coffice.

    One thing I don’t do is read aloud though. I use my time in the coffice to add to the word count.

  6. Shelley Munro


    As a writer, I find a coffice a good way to stop my procrastination. Something I forgot to mention in my post. At home I can jump up and muck around doing other things while at the coffice I have to stay put, which makes me much more productive.

    I love the people watching aspect too.

  7. Shelley Munro

    Darla – I tell you – it’s great for productivity. I do my 2000 word count and usually more very quickly!

  8. Savannah Chase

    I love coffee and it is so fun when you walk out of the shop and your clothes smell like coffee…

  9. Margaret Fieland

    I’ve recently acquired a coffice — a very nice coffee shop a short distance from my house. I had tried the local Starbucks, but found it too crowded and noisy. This place is quieter and has more tables. The coffee is just as good, and the sandwiches are better. They seem to do a steady business (I need them to stay open!), but I’m always able to find a table.

  10. Mary Kirkland

    I am actually very anti-social and write all my articles from my home. It’s always open and I can write anytime I want. lol I don’t have to have any meetings with anyone since I am a freelance writer and can write whenever I want. Works out very well for me.