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April 2nd, 2012
A Visit to the Barber

Visit to Barber, Jaipur, India

During our visit to India, hubby used to visit the local barbers for a shave. Most of the guys traveling with us did, and they all used to rave about the great shaves they received.

Shaving seems quite a social occasion in India. We’d walk into the barber shop, and if there wasn’t an empty chair, they’d usually shunt someone out to make room for my hubby. They’d also clear a space for me to sit, then proceed to watch us both avidly while making comments to each other.

LOL It always made me feel like a film star!

Next would come hot towels, shaving foam and a cut-throat razor. There’s a scalp massage and at the very end they slap on the aftershave. When I say slap, I mean slap. Maybe it was to make sure hubby was awake!

I used to enjoy the process as much as Mr. Munro. The people watching was excellent, and I think we gave the locals something to talk about for weeks afterward.

Would you trust a man welding a cut-throat razor?

10 comments to “A Visit to the Barber”

  1. It sounds fun. I guess the barber is skilled with a razor, but it would be unnerving.

  2. The guys all laughed about the cut-throat razors. It didn’t seem to worry them.

  3. I loved your write up about it. Sounds like you gave them something to talk about.

  4. I think I was the entertainment!

  5. Barbers are so rare now. I think there is something extra when a man goes to an old style barber. I think to be able to do what they do with a blade and do a clean shave is a skill and talent.

  6. The barbers you do see are designer-type these days and cost the earth.

  7. Who’d have thunk a visit to the barber shop could be such a fun ocassion?

  8. LOL not me. Whenever we go to Asian countries hubby likes to visit the barbers. They’re very good at their job.

  9. The “old-style” barbers are definitely a dying breed.

  10. Someone is probably cursing the arrival of safety razors!