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April 19th, 2012
Thirteen Fad Diets to Try – or Not!


A few nights ago one of the news items on television was about the new tube diet that is sweeping America. It sounded pretty gross to me, but it did give me an idea for this weeks Thursday Thirteen.

Thirteen Fad Diets

1. Grapefruit diet – a low-carb diet featuring grapefruit/grapefruit juice with every meal.

2. Cabbage Soup diet – a lot of cabbage soup is consumed.

3. Beverly Hills diet – based on a theory that the body needs the enzymes found in certain foods in order to digest food properly.

4. Atkins diet – this is a very popular diet plan. It’s based  on the theory that when we reduce our intake of carbohydrates our body must seek another source of energy and will burn fat.

5. South Beach diet – this diet is similar to the Atkins diet, but it balances good carbs against bad carbs. It could be argued that this one is not a fad diet because it is nutritionally sound.

6. Blood Type diet – food eaten is suited to a person’s blood type. 

7. Paleo diet – the dieter eats the same foods his ancestors ate rather than a modern diet.

8. Negative Calorie diet – foods are eaten that use up more calories during the digestion process than they actually contain.

9. Apple Cider Vinegar diet – it’s claimed that regular consumption will cause fat to be burned rather than stored.

10. Tapeworm diet – a tapeworm is ingested in order to lose weight.

11. 3 Day diet – a low calorie diet done over three days.

12. Israeli diet – done over eight days. The dieter eats apples, cheese, chicken, salad. Each food is eaten for two days before moving onto the next food.

13. Tube diet – the new diet where a person has a tube stuck down their nose and they’re given a limited amount of calories via tube.

When it comes to diets, my preference is to limit my calories and increase the amount of exercise I do each day. With this type of diet it’s possible to lose weight at a sustainable pace and keep off the weight. I think the tube diet sounds gross, and personally, I prefer to physically eat my food and use my taste buds!!

What do you think of the tube diet? Would you try the tube diet?

34 comments to “Thirteen Fad Diets to Try – or Not!”

  1. Okay, number 10 and 13 are just too extreme IMHO. I mean, really? Now confession, I’ve tried most of these. I’m not obese, but I had to keep the weight off when i was a dancer/actor. Never heard of 6 or 7.

  2. When I visited Africa, one of the girls on our trip managed to get a tapeworm. She was really sick, and I can’t think of anything worse!

  3. Yes, I’ll admit that I’ve tried too many diets. From this list, I’ve done the Atkins and the South Beach.

  4. They’re both very popular diets from what I hear. The diet books have sold millions of copies.

  5. Ewww. A tapeworm. Just … ewww. Really?

    That is just too gross before breakfast! Yuck.

  6. That was my reaction. Why would someone ingest one on purpose?

  7. I have tried the Atkins and the South Beach but I know people who have tried the others. I would never do the tube one. I used to get sick whenever I went on a diet and then I found out I have a lot of food sensitivities. Bummer

  8. Debra, the tube diet just seems way too extreme for me. Eating is such a social occasion. I’d hate to be the one to say, “I can’t go out today because of my tube.”

    Food sensitivities don’t sound like much fun!

  9. tapeworm really??

  10. That was my reaction.

  11. I’ve tried a few of these diets. They didn’t work for me for long. I think the best way to diet is eat healthy and work out. Moderation and exercise.

  12. I agree, Savannah. Most of us would lose weight if we ate smaller portions too. Portion control is way out of control for most of us.

  13. I’ve never been much for fad diets. I’m the moderation and exercise girl!


    My TT is at

  14. I’ve always done the calorie controlled thing. I hate limiting the type of foods I eat. Varied is good in my book.

  15. I suspect that negative food diet would end up with a lot of celery and not much else.

  16. Yes, celery and lettuce I’d say.

  17. I have not tried any of these, and agree with Ciara that 10 and 13 are too extreme. Cannot imagine willingly swallowing a tapeworm. Eww!

  18. The thought reminds me of one of those sci-fi movies with creepy alien parasites.

  19. I’m with healthy eating and exercise also. Since my mom has done it for so long, I like Weight Watchers, but that’s more of limiting intake and watching what you eat.

  20. I like the Weight Watchers approach, although I’ve never tried them. I like the way they try new methods of points scoring for food and make everything as easy as possible for the dieter.

  21. First, I can’t stand the thought of a tube being stuck down my throat so that one would be a heck no. Then to purposely inject a tapeworm…REALLY? Not heck no but Hell No!! Ewwww!!!!

    I tried the Atkins diet but that didn’t work so well for me. I love bread and potato chips too dog gone much. And I had a friend that did the grapefruit diet. Lost quite a few pounds but gained a jacked up pH balance from all the citric acid and a lot of mouth sores from the same citric acid.

    I like Shelley’s eat smarter, work a little more. It may not get 10 pounds off in 2 days, but it is better for sustaining longer termed weight loss. Now if only I can put down the chocolate so I can back on my better eating habit plan.

  22. Isn’t chocolate a necessary food group???

  23. I’m having Internet connection problems, so will reply to everyone later. I’m in my coffice and need to write now! See you later :)

  24. And I’m back!

  25. A couple of these are insane. I’d never heard of the tapeworm diet. That tube diet is all over the media recently though.

    No thanks. I’ll keep my extra pounds.

  26. I’m with you. A few extra pounds won’t hurt. From what I hear most of those doing the tube diet are brides wanting to look good on their wedding day.

  27. I’d heard of all of those except for the negative calorie diet. I just heard about this tube diet and I learned a long time ago I would rather be happy and not worry about dieting. So no I wouldn’t do the tube diet or any of them.

  28. I’m with you, Mary. Happy is better than extreme diets.

  29. Cool list. I have tried #2, but I love cabbage. This tube thing is nasty. What happened to hard work? Is it no longer in the dictionary or did someone steal it? Thanks for sharing.

    The Food Temptress

  30. I don’t mind cabbage, but I couldn’t eat it every day. Sigh – the quick fix isn’t necessarily the best solution.

  31. Oh my goodness…really? a grapefruit diet? *shudders*

    I live by — or try to — a hedonist’s diet So when I eat a cake or ice cream or some yummy treat I want to really, really enjoy it, but I find that if I’ve been eating too many of them (and it’s way to easy to “reward” oneself with these treats) then I don’t enjoy the treat as a treat, as something special…so then I try to go a few days without eating sugar. Then the treat becomes special again.

    Do I sound insane? ;)

  32. Not insane at all. Moderation in all things usually works.

  33. I argue ferociously over paleo being in this list. It is called ‘the caveman diet” which sounds silly and faddish but the reality is it is a diet based on eating close to the earth, as natural as possible. Not Atkins – it isn’t an intentional lowcarb diet, it just turns out that way because all processed food and grains are cut. Grass-fed beef and other meats, free-range chicken and eggs, etc. LOL obviously I am a huge advocate as it has done wonders for me. It is, honestly, very much like the way I grew up before the days of fast foods. is a fab source for real information. :)

  34. Thanks for the info and the link, Carolyn. I’ll definitely check it out and read some more about this diet.