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November 16, 2012

Comfort Food Recipe — Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

This week the weather has been cool here in New Zealand, and when I checked out the contents of our fridge, I decided to turn to comfort food – vegetarian shepherd’s pie.

Vegetarian Shepherds Pie

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relatives.” ~ Oscar Wilde

This recipe comes from Alison Holst’s Meals Without Meat and I’ve given it my own twist.



2 large onions

2 Tablespoons of butter or oil

1 red or green capsicum

8 button mushrooms. (I used some brown mushrooms too)

3 Tablespoons flour

1 teaspoon vegetable stock

1 teaspoon dried basil

1 teaspoon dried oregano

1 teaspoon paprika

2 Tablespoon chopped parsley

1 teaspoon soya sauce

1 1/2 water

2 Tablespoons tomato paste

1 can of kidney beans 440 grams


6 potatoes medium size

2 Tablespoons butter

1 cup grated cheese


1. Peel the potatoes and boil in salted water. Once cooked drain, add butter, a dash of milk and mash. Add half of the grated cheese.

2. Dice the onions and slice the mushrooms and fry in the oil/butter until golden brown. Add the sliced capsicum then add the flour. Stir until the flour has browned slightly. Add the stock, basil, oregano, paprika, parsley and soya sauce. Add the water and tomato paste and bring to the boil, stirring all the time. Add the kidney beans. Check the seasoning and add salt to taste. Place in a baking dish.

3. Spread the mashed potato over the top and sprinkle on the remaining cheese.

4. Cook in the oven for 20 – 30 minutes at 180 C/350 F. The top should be golden brown.

5. Serve with green vegetables such as brussel sprouts, beans, peas or broccoli and a nice glass of wine Winking smile

What comfort foods do you turn to when the weather turns cool?


  1. Maria Zannini

    Hubby might not eat this, but I would. This is my kind of food. :)

    • Shelley Munro

      Hubby cooked some meat to eat on the side and was happy enough. I always think mushrooms give a meaty texture/taste to dishes anyway.

  2. Brinda

    That looks and sounds delicious.

    • Shelley Munro

      It is very tasty and perfect as a winter warmer.

  3. Savannah Chase

    This looks and sounds so yummy. I tried the reg version once before and it was so bad…

    • Shelley Munro

      This version is delicious. I’ve also had some bad versions but not this one :)

  4. Mary Kirkland

    I had to “Google” what capsicum was. lol For us it’s a Bell Pepper. Learn something new everyday. :)

    This sounds good, I like everything it in, I might have to give this a try.

  5. Sandra Cox

    Oh yum. Perfect.