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November 19th, 2012
Doing The Pisa Dance

Most tourists who visit Pisa can’t resist taking a photo that looks as if they’re holding up the leaning tower or pushing it over. We have some of those photos from our last visit. During this visit we couldn’t resist taking photos of people taking photos.

I give you…

The Pisa Dance!

The Pisa Dance

Gargoyles. I have a fascination with them, especially since they’re not common in New Zealand. Their purpose is to shoot water off a roof and away from the side of a building. In other words, a gargoyle is a fancy water spout.

They’re quite common on churches throughout England and Europe. My fascination means I’m always gawking up at the carvings and strange figures decorating the old buildings. Here are two we saw on the cathedral in Pisa.

Gargoyle Pisa Pisa_gargoyles

The bottom one isn’t a true gargoyle, but it’s certainly interesting with his sly expression and his tail.

Do you think gargoyles (i.e. gargoyle shapeshifters) make good heroes in romance novels? Or do you find the idea of a stone man a bit icky?

5 comments to “Doing The Pisa Dance”

  1. Those are such fun and fantastic pictures..

  2. Thanks, Savannah. I love the one of the people with their hands in the air.

  3. I don;t know if you ever saw that cartoon called Gargoyles? But I loved it. My daughter loved it, I know there were some fans that were mad because it was canceled. I think a Gargoyle/human romance could work.

    There’s a movie called Gargoyles where the male Gargoyle is infatuated with a human female…great movie. I don’t mind seeing a gargoyle as a love interest in romance books.

  4. @ Mary Kirkland – I remember that cartoon. Another fan here :-)

    I see taking the picture of the people pretending to knock Pisa over or hold it up is just as hilarious lol!

  5. Love the close-ups of the statuary.