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December 22nd, 2012
Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven

This is the Temple of Heaven, which is set in the tranquil Temple of Heaven park in Beijing. I loved the vibrant colors of the temple and understand the buildings were repainted in honor of the Olympic games. In the actual park there were people enjoying the sunshine, playing board games such as chess and others selling trinkets to tourists. Our tour guide told us parents will often discuss their children and search for suitable marriage partners while meeting in the parks.

4 comments to “Temple of Heaven”

  1. Love the architecture and vibrant colors!

  2. The colors are gorgeous in person. The photo doesn’t do them justice.

  3. I love the building but this “search for suitable marriage partners while meeting in the park” just blows my mind.

  4. I know. A lot of the younger people are so busy with careers they don’t have time to meet prospective suitors. That’s where Mom comes into the deal. She sort of pre screens for her kids.