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October 26, 2015

They’re Changing the Guard


Hubby and I caught the train from the Olympic Stadium to the huge square (Syntagma Square). This is where the changing of the presidential guard takes place. Evidently, the guards are chosen for their height, good physical condition and character and there is lots of training before soldiers can join this unit of guards.

It was fascinating watching them parade backwards and forwards. The soldiers guard for an hour and must stand still. When it is time to change position they move in slow motion with these high steps. I’ve read that the slow motion is to protect their blood circulation.

The day we were there, there was another man inspecting them and critiquing their change. One of the soldiers went slightly off-course and the inspector wandered over to get him to straighten.

It was a fun ceremony to watch, the pom-poms on their shoes are very cute, but it was very hot. I was glad I wasn’t the one standing motionless then high-stepping!