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November 19, 2016

Newsletter Contest

Answer one or more of these questions in the comments section to enter the contest.

1. What is your favorite movie to watch at Christmas?

2. If you’re going out to dinner, what sort of restaurant are you most likely to go to and what will you eat?

3. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? What color and style are they?

I thought I’d give you my answers…

My favorite movie to watch at this time of year is Die Hard 1. I love the characters, the action and the Christmas music, and I usually wander around doing quotes from the script for a week after rewatching this movie. *grin* The movie Love Actually comes a close second to Die Hard.

I adore Italian food, and it’s usually easy for me to get something vegetarian at an Italian restaurant. Pasta, pizza, salad. It’s all good!

My favorite shoes are a comfortable pair of black running shoes. I hurt my right ankle earlier this year, and these are the shoes that the physio recommended. He wasn’t wrong.

I’m looking forward to reading your answers. Good luck with the contest.



  1. Debra Guyette

    I like The Christmas Card and then The first two Home Alones.
    My favorite restaurant is a steak house. I just love a good steak.
    My shoes would be sneakers.

  2. Kris Meldgaard

    My favorite movie to watch during the holidays is A Gumby & Poky Christmas! I also love to watch all the old cartoon I used to watch as a kid! Over the yrs & especially since my son was born I’ve ordered dvd’s online of all my fav cartoons. I love watching them & my son who’s now 14 thinks their hilarious & loves to watch them too! But A Gumby & Pokey Christmas is our favorite!

  3. Kris Meldgaard

    OMG I almost Forgot And also Fraggle Rock!! I cant leave out Fraggle Rock! We watch every episode on dvd over & over all December long too lol Cuz you know… We’re Down with Fraggle Rock for Sure!!

  4. Coral

    It is difficult to pick a favorite ONE…Miracle on 34th Street (old version).

    I would most likely eat at a Chinese restaurant and definitely order sweet and sour chicken and egg drop soup.

    My favorite are my Harley Davidson knee high boots. Brown leather and laced up. ;)

  5. Margaret Appel

    My favorite movie to watch at Christmas is one I always watched with my Dad ~ A Christmas Story. We watched it every year, and even tho he’s gone, I still watch it just to make sure Ralphie doesn’t put his eye out this year.
    If I was going out to eat, I would be going to a seafood restaurant like Red Lobster & I would be eating a combo plate of shrimp, scallops, & stuffed crab.
    My favorite pair of shoes would be my white velcro sneakers. Sadly, they are my only pair of shoes. My feet swelled so badly that I donated my other shoes because they no longer fit! Time to buy new shoes :)

  6. Kjell Fossmellem

    My favourite film these days is “trollhunter”.
    It’s a Norwegian film with lots of my kind of humor, and it shows much of the good nature that I like so much.
    When it comes to food, I prefer Chinese. Always order beef chop shui.
    Favorites homes are my yellow crocs, but my wife won’t let me use them in public.

  7. Anne H

    My favourite Christmas movie is ‘A Christmas Carol’, any version.
    My favourite type of restaurant is Vietnamese (closely followed by Italian). At one of my favourite of those, I almost always have fried shrimp dumplings, wonton soup and Vietnamese coffee.
    My current favourite shoes are a teal pair of Fluevogs with closed, embroidered toes, sling backs and heart shaped heels (he’s a Canadian designer). Unfortunately I have to restrict them to indoor wear for a few months.

  8. Joyce

    Favorite movie I have to agree with you and Die Hard. Food would be seafood. Any of my Ryka sneakers, absolutely adore them, they are so comfy.https://shelleymunro.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_mail.gif

  9. Cappi lucas

    1. Favorite movie:
    A Christmas story. I watch it all Christmas Eve while I cook.

    2. I love Outback steak house
    Love the steak salmon

    3. Favorite shoes
    That has to be my bright blue and orange edging exercise
    shoes. They are comfortable though
    Cappi Lucas

  10. Selina

    My favorite movie at this time of the year is Frosty the Snowman.

    I love going out to almost any restaurant because I have learned to find something to eat on any menu. I just like going out. But if I have to pick one type I love diners. They are often so cozy.

    My favorite shoes are sneakers!

  11. Heather R.

    My favorite Christmas movie is Elf. My favorite pair of shoes are my camel-colored moccasins with rubber bottoms.

  12. Mea Cadwell

    I don’t have a favorite Christmas movie and don’t have TV can’t answer that that question. And I’m a foodie that loves all types of food, so can’t answer that question either. Guess it’s shoes for me. I lurve my Skecher lightweight tennis shoes. They don’t hurt my feet and, when you have fibromyalgia, that is important.

    Thank you for the contest by the way and have a good Christmas!

  13. lori byrd

    1. National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation. Too funny.

    2. Arby’s (LOL) and get the big Montana

    3. Anything flat. I’ve had surgery on both feet so I must wear flats. Love my fuzzy flat boots!

  14. Kathy Brenzi

    My favourite movie at Christmas is Miracle On 34th Street. I am a big Die Hard fan too, but I don’t wait for Christmas for those movies.

    A Chinese restaurant and I love Satay Chicken.

    My pair,of grey coloured Asic Gel joggers are my favourite footwear.

  15. Shelley Munro

    I’m enjoying reading all your answers, especially the for the shoe question https://shelleymunro.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yes.gif

  16. Bonnie James

    White Christmas
    Chinese, calamari
    You are going to think this is awful, but I have an old pair of black Crocs that sit by the front door. I think everyone in the family has worn them at one time or another. Your feet just slide inside the Crocs and out you go to do whatever you have to outdoors. Quick trips to town, yardwork, and unexpected visitors all are fine for my Crocs.

  17. Frances C Gutierrez

    I love so many Christmas movies it is difficult to choose just one. I guess it will be the original Miracle on 34th St or The Christmas Card. For restaurant I usually don’t eat out. We are a town with few options closer than 800 miles away. Lol. If I could go anywhere, then I would choose Olive Garden with my baby brother. I miss him greatly. My shoes, hmm, I’m a boot lover. Though I have a pair of slippers that are like Bonnie James’ crocs…everyone in the family has worn them. It is what makes them so special. I have no idea if the contest is still going but this was fun! Reading the answers was so interesting. Merry Christmas!