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Thirteen Types of Sharks

A notice before I get to my Thursday Thirteen: I’m visiting Chris Redding and talking about writing plus my upcoming release Cat Burglar in Training. Hubby went fishing last weekend, and he rang to tell me about the shark he caught. He was fishing in the Hauraki Gulf...

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Interview with agent Holly Root

Today my special guest is agent Holly Root from the Waxman Literary Agency. Shelley: Tell us a little about yourself. How did you become an agent? Holly: I actually had no idea that “agent” was a job until after I’d already landed in publishing. When I moved to New...

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Interview with Meankitty

I visited Jody Wallace and Meankitty today. Meankitty asked me some tricky and probing questions. My interview is here.

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Interview, Threesomes & Touch of Fire

Author, Selena Illyria is having a menage a trois week. I was really excited when she asked me to participate. Here's the link for my post here. I also have an interview over at D. Renee Bagby's The Multiverse's Archival Chambers Pop back tomorrow to see if you're the...

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What’s Coming?

Tomorrow I have a mini interview with Karen Erickson about her new release. Reader favorite, Michelle Pillow is also my guest in just over a week on 23 March. She's giving away a prize so you'll want to make sure you visit that day. On 23 March I have an interview at...

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Interview: Emily Gee

THIEF WITH NO SHADOW is New Zealander, Emily Gee's debut book. I caught up with Emily and asked about her recent release. 1. Tell us a little about yourself and your new release, THIEF WITH NO SHADOW. Me? Well, I've spent quite a bit of time studying--everything from...

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