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Taste of Kiwi


Ladies, A Plate

Growing up in the New Zealand countryside you wouldn’t think we’d socialize much, but as a child I remember going to fetes, socials and parties on a regular basis. The invitations always came along with the instructions for the ladies to bring a plate. I remember...

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New Zealand: Tongariro National Park

I thought I'd post a few photos of my recent trip to Tongariro National Park. It's a beautiful spot in both summer and winter. This is a shot of me and the Overlander trainer at National Park township. It's a very small place! Formed in 1887, Tongariro National Park...

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Naming Names.

I saw this ad on TV the other day. It's from my favorite New Zealand store, Whitcoulls, and it made me laugh because this name problem has been me for the last three weeks. Today, I sat down and toughed it out, choosing names in much the way this couple did. In fact,...

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Kiwis Flee The Nest

Last month, a record number of New Zealanders left the country to move to Australia in the hope of finding a new and better life. On average around 700 people leave New Zealand each week. We had elections this month. My husband and I haven't been happy with the way...

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Keep It Movin’

A recent survey done by SPARC (Sport & Recreation New Zealand) has found that around half of New Zealand adults exercise for at least half an hour a day five times a week. Their survey shows the level of exercise among adults is about the same as in 2001. SPARC spends...

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Birds and Bees

I've been going to post this for ages. It's an ad shot in Auckland (you'll see quick glimpses of Sky Tower and the waterfront from Mission Bay) and it's very cute. It never fails to make me laugh. There's a new version of the ad playing at the moment with the daughter...

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Middlemarch, New Zealand

Thirteen Things about The Real MIDDLEMARCH 1. Middlemarch is a small country town, in Central Otago, New Zealand. It is about 80 km West of Dunedin. It's located in the Strath Taieri Valley. 2. Several suggestions exist about how the township was named. One is that...

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Fishing up New Zealand.

I enjoy some of the Maori myths and legends. This one, telling of Maui and the birth of New Zealand, is one of my favorites. As with all legends, there are a few variations. Maui was a demi-god who possessed magical powers. Not all his family knew of his magical...

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The World’s Greatest Navigator

Thirteen Things about CAPTAIN JAMES COOK There's a really good documentary playing on our TV at the moment about the life of James Cook. It's fascinating and these are some of the things I've learned during the last two weeks of viewing. 1. 1728: Born at Marton (near...

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