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Travel Ready Packing

Travel-Ready Packing: Pack Light, Dress Right—Anytime, Anywhere by Julie Ann Martin Publisher: Argo & Cole Publishers ISBN: 978-0-9791186-1-6 Publication Date: 1 Jan, 2010 Website: www.travelreadypacking.com Amazon link: Travel-Ready Packing: Pack Light, Dress Right -...

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Where Do You Hide Yours?

FYI - I hide mine in the fridge. :grin: When was your last? Um...I have to think about that... What More Could I Wish For? Ooh yes...I'll take one now... :mrgreen: Timtams are an Australian invention--one of their best, I have to say. And I don't think we can take...

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A Reason to Diet

Last week I taped a travel show because hubby and I are considering where we might visit next and some of the destinations looked interesting. Singleton in Australia is one of the places they visited. It's in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales and is known for the...

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