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A Visit to South Georgia Island

South Georgia is a small island in the southern Atlantic Ocean. It’s a British territory, and the island’s nearest neighbors are Antarctica and the Falkland Islands. Until I visited the region in early 2020, I’d never even heard of South Georgia. Now I know what I...

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Next Dragon Isles Adventure – Meet Cherry

Cherry, the next book in the Dragon Isles series is due out very soon. Grab your copy today! Here's the blurb: Love is a mystery, but dragons are real. Cherry is gutted when her friend Liza disappears, presumed drowned. She has no time to mourn, however, since she...

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The Dragons are Coming!

  The Idea Behind the Dragon Isles series One of my favorite TV shows is Escape to the Country, where English city-dwellers want to purchase a country property. The presenters are always enthusiastic and, as well as showing prospective buyers around three...

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Dragon Scales

During the last few months, I’ve done a lot of reading about dragons and their different characteristics. I’ve read fiction and non-fiction.  One thing everyone is clear about is that dragons come in lots of pretty colors. Here are a few interesting facts about...

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A Field Guide to Dragons

Dragons were a popular subject with scholars, especially Victorian ones. They took on the task of cataloguing dragons. The categories are as follows: 1. The Wyvern: The name orginates from the Saxon word wivere or serpent. Its large body coiled, it had eagle’s legs...

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13 Facts About Dragons

I’ve been in a dragon frame of mind recently, and I’m excited to be part of the Flight of Dragons box set, which came out this week. In honor of the release, my TT this week is about dragons. Thirteen Facts About Dragons 1. Dragons can be grouped into three groups:...

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