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Helmet Dive in Bora Bora

This week I thought I'd combine my Camera Critters photo with a story about our visit to Bora Bora. Helmet Diving in Bora Bora by Shelley Munro One of the fun parts of travel is the planning of a holiday. There’s the research, both online and in books, the...

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Catch of the Day

We saw these fish at a stall in Bora Bora. I don't suppose these tuna are exactly happy fish, but they were certainly eye catching. To see other animal photos visit Camera Critters.

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Easy Fishing

This photo was taken at the Goat Island Marine Reserve in New Zealand. The water is clear and the area pristine and full of fish. I took this photo of blue mau-mau from the rocks. People snorkle and dive here, but as you can see it's easy to see fish without getting...

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