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Just Add Water

The copy of NZ Woman's Health I purchased (see yesterday's blog post) had an interesting article about water and some of the myths people believe about it. Here are some I found particularly interesting. 1. Bottled water is NOT better than tap water. In most cases tap...

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In Trouble Again….

Yes, it's true. I did a bad, bad thing...according to hubby. He arrived home from golf and spoke to me in a very stern manner. My transgression? My sock sorting skills are below par. To his horror I matched a plain brown sock with a different brown sock that bore a...

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Big Feet and Socks

My name is Shelley Munro and I have big feet. Over the years I've become used to my big feet--after all, I'm atached to them. I've found a great shoe shop that caters for women with big feet. It's all good, or so you'd think. My problem comes with socks. My husband...

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Retail Therapy

Happy New Year! Last week I told Mr. Munro I would like to go shopping on New Year's day. I backed up the suggestion with additional information, saying the sales were on and I thought it would be quiet. "Okay," Mr. Munro said. "I want to buy some summer clothes. A...

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I love my husband. I love cycling. Logic would dictate that cycling with my husband would be lots of fun. In a word--no! Something about the combination of husband and a bicycle brings out the competitive gene in him. He has to beat me to our destination. Of course,...

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